LIVE WEBINAR — Exclusive for PDAC Members

Small Changes, Big Impact: Enhancing Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Mineral Exploration

DATE:  Thursday, June 6, 2019
TIME:  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST
(11:00 AM CST | 10:00 AM MST | 9:00 AM PST) 
COST:  Free for Members


In recent years the mineral industry has highlighted the need to address a lack of gender diversity and inclusion. From launching training modules on workplace conduct, publishing reports on the business case for gender diversity, to the innovative development of women specific safety gear, the sector has launched a collective shift towards creating a diverse and inclusive industry. While these initiatives are both necessary and impactful, they are often resource intensive and best suited to large companies with significant resources. Thus, a key concern remains unaddressed: how can juniors navigate the growing need for gender diversity and inclusion while balancing budget constraints and limited resources? 

This webinar seeks to answer this question by unpacking the ways in which diversity and inclusion targets can be met via holistic integration into business models, and innovative thinking. Attendees will hear from industry experts on how their organizations have struggled and succeeded at addressing key barriers to gender diversity and inclusion at the junior level. The presentation will conclude with a presentation on PDAC’s upcoming e3 Plus Gender Diversity and Inclusion guidance chapter, highlighting how the guidance can assist juniors in establishing a gender diverse and inclusive workplace, workforce, and work culture. 


Bill McGuinty
VP Exploration, Eastmain Resources Inc; President, OTD Exploration Services Inc.
Valerie Pascale
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Newmont Goldcorp
Shastri Ramnath 
CEO & President, Director, Exiro Minerals Corp; President & Principal Geologist, Orix Geoscience