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PDAC 2021: The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention will take place from March 7-10. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing challenges it has created, we are unable to confirm the event format at this time. However, our team is currently exploring a number of options. The health, safety and well-being of all participants is our priority and these principles will guide us in our planning.

We will provide further updates in the fall. Thank you for your patience.

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2020 Passes & Fees

VIP All Access Pass

VIP Lounge access is restricted to pass holders only. Space is limited. See below for detailed list of inclusions.

Early Rate Regular Rate
Member $699.99 $879.99
Non-Member $1099.99 $1309.99

All Access Pass

Early Rate Regular Rate
Member $299.99 $489.99
Non-Member $599.99 $829.99

Senior All Access Pass

Must be 65 years of age or older.

Early Rate Regular Rate
Member & Non- Member $79.99 $139.99

Student All Access Pass

Must be enrolled full-time in a recognized academic program.

Early Rate Regular Rate
Member $49.99 $79.99
Non-Member $109.99 $139.99

One Day All Access Pass

Can be purchased for single or multiple days.

Early Rate Regular Rate
Member $199.99 $199.99
Non-Member $449.99 $449.99

Exhibit Day Pass

Access to Trade Show, Trade Show North, and Investors Exchange show floors. Can be purchased for single or multiple days.

Early Rate Regular Rate
Member & Non-Member $24.99 $24.99

Basic Presentations Pass

No access to Investors Exchange, Trade Show or Trade Show North.

Early Rate Regular Rate
Member or Non-Member Free Free

2020 Ticketed Events & Fees

All fees include tax

Awards Gala & After Party
Tickets $174.99/each, $1749.90/table
Mineral Outlook Luncheon
Tickets $89.90/each, $899.90/table
Student-Industry Networking Luncheon
RSVP when you register for Convention. Free to students/attendees with a pass who also pre-register for this lunch.
Short Courses, various dates (see below)
Course Name Date Early Rate,
(Paid by Feb 7)
Early Rate,
(Paid by Feb 7)
Regular Rate,
(Paid after Feb 7)
Regular Rate,
(Paid after Feb 7)
Minimizing environmental impact Friday, February 28 $74.99 $169.99 $74.99 $169.99 $37.99
An in-depth overview of US mining law relating to acquiring, developing, permitting, financing and closing hard rock mining claims and projects Friday, February 28 $449.99 $549.99 $649.99 $749.99 $219.99
Mining financial modeling Friday, February 28 $499.99 $599.99 $699.99 $799.99 $269.99
Geological interpretation of aeromagnetic data Friday, February 28 $449.99 $649.99 $549.99 $749.99 $269.99
Concepts and application of machine learning to mining geoscience: A practical course Friday & Saturday, February 28 & 29 $699.99 $799.99 $899.99 $999.99 $399.99
Gold: Geology, geochemistry, genesis and exploration Friday & Saturday, February 28 & 29 $899.99 $1,099.99 $999.99 $1,199.99 $399.99
Will this exploration project become a mine? Friday & Saturday, February 28 & 29 $699.99 $799.99 $899.99 $999.99 $349.99
Health & safety for mineral exploration Saturday, February 29 $74.99 $169.99 $74.99 $169.99 $37.99
Using environmental intelligence to make your project a success Saturday, February 29 $449.99 $549.99 $649.99 $749.99 $219.99
Greenstone belt architecture and metal endowment within the Abitibi Terrane Saturday, February 29 $499.99 $599.99 $699.99 $799.99 $259.99
Fundamentos de estimación de recursos minerales Saturday, February 29 & Sunday, March 1 (AM only on Sunday) $699.99 $899.99 $799.99 $999.99 $399.99
Public reporting, professional practice, and industry guidance: Meeting expectations of securities regulators Sunday, March 1 (AM only) $199.99 $239.99 $199.99 $239.99 $129.99
Qualitative and quantitative prospectivity mapping and assessment of undiscovered mineral resources Wednesday, March 4 $499.99 $599.99 $699.99 $799.99 $249.99
The value proposition for geophysics: It’s not just discovery Wednesday, March 4 (PM only) $199.99 $239.99 $199.99 $239.99 $129.99

Membership Fees

Membership Type Description Fees


The Core Member loyalty program requires continuous, annual membership with payments made each year between October 1 and December 31. Members who maintain 25 years of continuous membership qualify for free lifetime membership at the age of 65. $90.48/yr


Regular members can join the association at any time of the year. Regular members are eligible to become a Core member after one year of membership. $166.67/yr


Senior members must be at least 65 years of age. $19.05/yr


Students must be able to demonstrate proof of enrollment in full-time post-secondary studies. $19.05/yr
Corporate Rep  Corporate members appoint one individual to act on the company's behalf; this representative is entitled to a complimentary individual membership and discounted rates at the convention.  

Corporate fees vary based on market cap.

NOTE: All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars. Taxes are applied based on the individual's province of residence. International members are tax-exempt.

VIP All Access Pass

The VIP All Access Pass is an upgraded registration that provides access to a private and exclusive lounge. While in the lounge, you can take advantage of:

  • Daily continental breakfast and light refreshments
  • Admin support including scanning and photocopying
  • Five semi-private, free meeting rooms
  • Reservations required (non-VIP attendees are permitted in the meeting rooms)

Space is limited.

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Convention 2020 Bag

All Access Pass Bag

Purchase an All Access Pass to receive the must-have attendee bag. This environmentally sustainable bag features a spacious zippered main compartment with an exposed organizer for quick access to items.

Recycle your bag when the convention is over! Donated bags will be given to ArtsJunktion, Toronto District School Board.

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Student All Access Pass

All students must register for the convention. To qualify for student rates you must be enrolled full-time in a recognized academic program.

Students over 16 years of age may register as a Student All Access Pass (member or non-member), One Day All Access Pass, One Day Exhibits Pass, or a Basic Presentations Pass.

Students 16 years of age and under can attend the convention free of charge. They may register for a Basic Presentations Pass.

Ticketed Events & Short Courses

Please note your Pass does not include access to the Short Courses, the Mineral Outlook Luncheon and the Awards Gala & After Party. For more information visit links below:

Awards Gala & After Party
Mineral Outlook Luncheon
Short Courses