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March 1 - 4
Metro Toronto Convention Centre,
Toronto, Canada

Social licence: A data-driven strategy

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Room 715
The mining industry speaks fluently about the operational and reputational risks posed by community relations, but translating this into focused site level action is challenging. One of the key drivers in this disconnect is the lack of tangible data to characterise social risk, and opportunity. Despite a rich field of social license case studies, both positive and negative, this work leads to the assumption that insights are not transferable (‘that was there, this was here’) and that managing community expectations is an effective way to manage social risk.

CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, has developed a tool for the precise measurement of an operation’s Social License to Operate (SLO). Often thought to be too difficult or too soft of a concept to accurately quantify, the Relfexivity Platform translates community perceptions into a singular SLO score (a snapshot of a company’s risk level) that can be broken down by the demographics and the geography of community(ies) of interest. Periodic data collection (monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually) allows for the key drivers of SLO to be tracked and monitored to allow companies to get ahead of conflict and proactively manage company and community risk.

The tool is based on over a decade of research by Dr. Kieren Moffat and the Reflexivity Team at CSIRO. The science-based approach, which led to development of the model behind the Reflexivity Platform, has been built on research in nine countries with more than 70,000 community members.

The data modelling that underpins the Reflexivity Platform details the relative importance of impact, benefit and relational factors that influence trust and acceptance of a company and its operations. The technology platform developed to support the delivery of this science enables companies with multiple sites to access consistent, systematic data about their communities and SLO for the first time. It also gives companies specific data on which topical issues are and are not driving their social license and how effective their engagement and community investments are in contributing to an improved SLO.

This session will explore the key drivers of stronger SLO across companies, geographies and scales through the lens of three experienced and influential mining industry representatives. This panel will bring key insights at the global industry level (Tom Butler), major mining company level (Janina Gawler), and mid-tier multi-national company (Aaron Steeghs) through a robust, moderated discussion with the audience.
Organizer: Kieren Moffat, CSIRO Reflexivity, Brisbane, Australia
8:30 AM - 9:50 AM

Social licence: A data-driven strategy

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