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March 1 - 4
Metro Toronto Convention Centre,
Toronto, Canada

Designing sustainable prosperity

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Room 803
Many mines are located in remote areas with high unemployment and few opportunities for the population. The development of the mines results in several years of intense activity followed by a dramatic reduction of employment and opportunities after the mines are closed. The local communities are therefore left with poor prospects for the future. DSP is a method of rectifying this situation by designing for long term growth in the areas that host mines. This begins with the initial establishment of mining and proceeds through the life of the mine to create a new vibrant economy based on the potential capabilities of the local population, the resources that are available, and the markets for the possible products. The process involves participation of the local community, the mining company, local and higher levels of government, financial institutions, and experts in subjects which includes local people. The mining company will be the catalyst for regional sustainable economic development. If successful, long term economic prosperity should be the result for the communities affected by mining.

In this session we will describe how the concept works citing examples from around the world. The process starts by looking at regions based on the natural resources and skills available, and the infrastructure and energy needs. Integrated natural resource models and innovative market studies are then carried out to determine what is possible for the region and what needs to be done to realize the potential.

The session will start with a presentation on “Designing Sustainable Prosperity (DSP)” by Doris Hiam-Galvez, Hatch, Canada followed by a panel discussion.
Organizer: Dr. Doris Hiam-Galvez, Hatch, Vancouver, Canada
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Designing sustainable prosperity

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