Data disclosure and responsible mining: Leading practices & learnings from the Responsible Mining Index

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Room 715
The public disclosure of economic, environmental, social and governance (EESG) data is now considered standard practice and good for business. Companies stand to gain from being able to ‘know and show’ how they are performing on EESG issues. Currently, there are considerable gaps in how mining companies report such data.

At the same time, some companies are demonstrating leading practice in sharing EESG data in ways that support constructive engagement and dialogue on these public-interest issues.

Research by the Responsible Mining Foundation (RMF) has found that mine-site-level EESG data is often not disclosed by mining companies, even on basic issues such as local procurement, local employment, or water use. Companies often limit their EESG data disclosure to aggregated figures at a corporate- or country-level.

Leading companies provide site-disaggregated performance data in ways that enable other stakeholders, from investors to local communities, to access and use the information, e.g. to compare site-level performances against previous time periods, current targets or regulatory threshold levels.

This session will focus on how companies can improve their EESG data disclosure, drawing on RMF research and the framework provided by the open data principles.
Questions addressed will include:

• What are the key elements of good EESG disclosure practices?
• How can companies most easily improve their disclosure of EESG data?
• What are the most effective approaches for sharing EESG data with local mining-affected stakeholders?

Following a presentation of research results by the Responsible Mining Foundation, there will be a brief interview with two mining industry experts, as well as questions and comments from the audience.
Organizer: Hélène de Villiers-Piaget, Responsible Mining Foundation, Nyon, Switzerland
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Data disclosure and responsible mining: Leading practices & learnings from the Responsible Mining Index

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