Using environmental intelligence to make your project a success

Saturday, February 29, 2020
Room 715
Organizer: EcoMetrix
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Using environmental intelligence to make your project a success

The environment factors into every stage of the mine life cycle. Forward-thinking companies understand this and make environment part of their overall corporate strategy – the benefits being accurate financial forecasting, optimized resource allocation, and enhanced social license. This course encourages participants to think proactively about the environment – in a unique way.

The course introduces Environmental Intelligence; focusing on behaviours we see as critical to successful outcomes. We distill behaviours into a tangible tool-box to plan, manage and ensure project success. The course has been taught previously with broad appeal - senior level mining executives, regulators, environmental practitioners/consultants and students, and established that industry wide:
  1. It is critical to develop a clear conceptual model of the project up-front to avoid costly errors;
  2. Strategies are required to move from data collection to clear communication of outcomes;
  3. Implementation strategies for company-wide review of environmental performance are required to anticipate risks.
Elizabeth Haack, EcoMetrix
Sarah Barabash, EcoMetrix
Lesley Warren, University of Toronto
Brent Murphy, Seabridge Gold


Includes course material, continental breakfast and lunch

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Member $449.99 Non-member $549.99

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Student $219.99
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