The value proposition for geophysics: It’s not just discovery

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Room 801A
Organizer: Condor Consulting
2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

The value proposition for geophysics: It’s not just discovery

The minerals exploration industry services the larger mining industry to primarily locate and define new resources but to as well, help the mining firms undertake the cost-effective exploitation of nature resources from develop, through to production and then mine closure and remediation. Within the minerals exploration industry, the geophysical component of this is a large and in many ways, quite complex sub-community, made up of a number of generally privately-held companies with numbers ranging from the singular for many consulting groups to 125-150 for the larger service companies offering ground and airborne services.

The mining companies themselves employ a number of geoscientists who apply their talents to the task of seeking greenfield opportunities, evaluating submissions from third parties or assisting the with geoscience tasks on the company’s own deposits. Geophysical staff or outside contractors or consultants have the opportunity to add value in all aspects of the task cycle but their contributions in a fiscal sense, are seldom cited beyond when actually discoveries are made. In such situations, it has historically been very difficult to apportion what could be considered fractional contributions to success.

The client for the work seldom seems to have much interest in how the discovery comes to pass or if they do, it’s a personal memory that will either fade with time or be carried off with the individual. These difficulties in documenting outcomes using geophysics does not mean this has not been done and part of the workshop will be to review the role of geophysics going back to the start of the 20th century. Following this review, the remaining speakers will endeavor to define in a variety of sub-areas, how in the modern geophysics is adding significant value to the mining industry. This sort of information potentially has significant value to stakeholders, investors, others in the minerals geoscience profession, governments, academia and end-users of geophysical services.

Richard Schodde, MINEX
Ken Witherly, Condor Consulting
Rob Gordon, Quantec Geoscience Ltd.
Joel Jansen, Anglo American
Daryl Ball, Glencore Canada
Jon Woodhead, JAW Consulting


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