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Peru Day

Monday, March 4, 2019
Room 206D
Organizer: Canada-Peru Chamber of Commerce
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Peru Day

  • Peru
  • PDAC 2019 Mining Country Sponsor

Thanks to its huge mining potential and great mineral wealth, Peru is among the world’s most attractive destinations for mining investment.

During 2019, Peru expects 30% growth in mining investment and looks forward to a mining project portfolio worth US$ 59 billion. These two optimistic indicators can boost our country’s economic, social, environmental and cultural development. In support of these opportunities, the Peruvian government has established coherent and stable regulations in public and investment policies.

The President of Peru, Ministers of State and key business players from our country’s mining and services sectors will participate in the platforms offered by the Peruvian delegation during this important convention, showcasing:
• Peru’s strategic mining plan for 2030;
• Peru’s geological potential;
• All mining projects for 2021;
• Environmental and social regulations; and:
• Economic and political projections for Peru.

All are welcome. Registration is not required.

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