Canada Investment Forum

Monday, March 6, 2023
Room 105
Organizer: Invest in Canada
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Canada Investment Forum

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Invest in Canada and Natural Resources Canada, in partnership with Global Affairs Canada, are pleased to invite you to the Canada Investment Forum taking place on March 6, 2023, from 1 pm to 4:30 pm

Minerals and metals are central to the net-zero energy transition. Significant increases in global production are needed to power the electric vehicle supply chain, including batteries and permanent magnets. Join us to learn more about advanced exploration and processing projects in critical minerals across Canada along with uniquely Canadian advantages for investors.


1 pm: Opening address and Panel discussion
- Opening remarks by the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources
- Panel discussion: Critical Juncture: Why the World is Turning to Canada for Critical Minerals
o Lana Eagle, Lana Eagle Consulting and member of PDAC Board of Directors
o Pierre Gratton, President and CEO, Mining Association of Canada
o Paul Graves, President and CEO, Livent
o Nathalie Béchamp, Chief, Investor Services, Invest in Canada (Moderator)

Critical minerals are the foundation on which modern technology is built and they are central to the net-zero energy transition. Canada has an abundance of critical minerals, including lithium, graphite, nickel, cobalt, copper, and rare earth elements. These resources can only be tapped through significant investment in the production and processing segments of the critical minerals supply chain. This panel of industry leaders and project proponents will describe how global companies are investing in Canada’s critical minerals and highlight the uniquely Canadian advantages in building a secure, sustainable and socially responsible supply chain as core elements of meeting net zero commitments.

1:45 pm: Fireside chat with the, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson and Jakob Stausholm, Chief Executive of Rio Tinto Group
-The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry
- Jakob Stausholm, Chief Executive, Rio Tinto Group

2:30 pm: Lightning pitches and moderated Q&As with companies proposing advanced exploration and/or mineral processing projects for battery materials and permanent magnets.
- Graphite: Northern Graphite, Focus Graphite
- Lithium: Critical Lithium Elements Corporation, Green Technology Metals
- Nickel: Giga Metals, Nickel Creek Platinum
- Processing: Electra Battery Materials, Euro Manganese
- Rare earths: Search Minerals, Vital Metals, Torngat Metals

4 pm: B2B speed dating (scheduled ahead of event).

*Please note that both the pitch sessions and B2Bs are closed to the media.

**To schedule a B2B with the abovementioned companies, kindly reach out to Avista Homayun [email protected].
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