Argentina Day

Sunday, March 5, 2023
Room 205D
Organizer: Fundación Argentina Para la Promoción de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Argentina´s mining industry has experienced a boost in recent years due to a solid legal framework, increasing investment flows and proliferation of new projects from top leading mining companies. Its geological wealth across the federal territory makes Argentina a land of exploring opportunities and a leading role in the production of strategic minerals for the world.

Session 1: Mining in Argentina
An overview of Argentina’s mining industry, including the legal framework, investment climate and main projects.
Time: 2.00 pm

Session 2: Argentina’s geological wealth: exploration prospects and opportunities
Argentina’s geological wealth is every explorer’s dream. Meet Argentina´s mining potential, nurtured by its natural resources and their sustainable exploitation.
Time: 3.00 pm

Session 3: Critical and Strategic minerals in Argentina
Learn about Argentina’s mining portfolio across a federal territory that produces critical and strategic minerals for the world.
Time: 3.30 pm

Session 4: Sustainability and Social License
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