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Matthew Warder

Matthew Warder, the Director of Research for Energy Capital Research Group (ECRG) and parent company Money Map Press, is an energy, metals and mining analyst with more than a decade of experience covering the Metals and Mining industry. Mr. Warder cofounded ECRG after nine years at Wood Mackenzie, the final two of which were spent on the ground-up development of the company’s asset-by-asset cost research in the ferrous sector, while serving as Principal Analyst for Iron Ore and Steel Costs. In that remit, he authored over 150 reports annually covering individual assets, regional supply studies, and emerging trends in the steel raw materials markets, in addition to providing bespoke research and consulting services for industry clients and institutional investors. In prior positions, he led various teams at WoodMac – and predecessor Hill & Associates – covering supply side analysis of the United States, Canada and Latin American coal industries, with an emphasis on metallurgical and thermal coal production from the Appalachian region. Mr. Warder holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the College of William & Mary.