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Kal Kotecha

Kal Kotecha, PhD, is the editor and founder of the Junior Gold Report, a publication about small cap mining stocks that is read and enjoyed by thousands of investors. His reports and articles have been featured on sites such as Kitco. 321gold, Seeking Alpha, the Aureport, Streetwise Report and Dr. Kotecha is a featured writer on Stockhouse as well as both the keynote speaker and investment panel member of ThinkingNorth – a premier organization which connects the brightest entrepreneurial talent with the financial community.

Dr. Kotecha holds a B.A. in Economics and Psychology, a Master of Education and after completing his Master of Business specializing in Finance in 2007, he completed his PhD in Business Administration in January 2016. His thesis was on the Affective Heuristics of the 2008 stock market crash. He also lectured Economics at the University of Waterloo and at Niagara College where he was voted by the students as Professor of the Year 2013/2014 as overseen by the College’s Student Administrative Council.