Capital Markets / Indigenous / Sustainability Programs at PDAC 2022

PDAC 2022: The World’s Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention will take place March 7-10, 2022 (dates are subject to change). Although we are unable to confirm the event format at this time, we are exploring a number of options for the Convention, including virtual, hybrid and in-person.

We thank you for your patience and will provide further updates as information becomes available.

Program Areas

After an unprecedented year in the industry, the intersection between capital markets, sustainability, and indigenous affairs has never been more apparent. This year, PDAC is accepting applications to all three policy program areas through the same portal. Applicants will be able to cite whether their session falls under one or multiple program areas. Applications that fit under multiple program areas are encouraged.

Capital Markets Program:  The Capital Markets Program is intended to create a forum of dialogue on a range of topics related to the financial landscape in which the mineral industry operates. Successful past sessions have reflected a broad spectrum of topics, including: investment banking and private equity perspectives, alternative financing, impact of innovation on companies’ ROI, impact of ESG disclosure on financing, battery metal economics and macroeconomic impacts on risk capital, among others.

Indigenous Program: The Indigenous Program at the PDAC Convention provides a platform for discussion on fostering cooperative, respectful and mutually-beneficial relationships between Indigenous communities and the minerals industry. This program brings Indigenous communities and Indigenous-owned companies together with the industry and other interested parties to share experiences, exchange ideas and network.

Sustainability Program: The Sustainability Program aims to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue and peer-learning on key issues related to responsible exploration and mining. The Program features presentations and discussions that examine the innovative ways in which mineral exploration and mining companies are working to improve their sustainability practices, presenting challenges and successes, as well as lessons learned.

Application Process

Interested parties are invited to submit proposals to organize a session in PDAC 2022 by October 1, 2021. Applicants will be notified as to the success of their applications in October 2021. Please complete the information at the bottom of this page to apply for a policy program session at PDAC 2022.

Characteristics of a successful policy session:

  1. Content with broad appeal, and led by recognized subject matter experts, with experience presenting at past PDAC Conventions or other renowned international mining conferences.
  2. The PDAC policy sessions are aiming to minimize panel presentations in favour for dynamic and engaging formats.
  3. A diverse and inclusive speaker lineup.
  4. Non-commercial in nature. Sessions are meant to be educating and thought-provoking. Sales presentations with branding and promotional content are not suitable for the program
  5. Session design that employs a variety of tools to engage the audience and improve the overall experience. Examples of audience engagement tools include video, props, and polling tools, etc.

Dates and Format

Dates and course structure may be adjusted as we move through the planning process. 

Policy sessions may be pre-recorded with a live session for Q&A, group discussions, activities and/or break-outs occurring on a scheduled date and time. Hybrid sessions may consist of a combination of in-person and virtual audience.

Roles and responsibilities of organizer(s):

  • Content development
  • Coordination of logistical requirements with PDAC staff
  • Development of support materials required for the session
  • Meet PDAC deadlines

Roles and responsibilities of PDAC:

  • Schedule each session and the related Q&A session(s) when applicable
  • Coordination of room set-up and/or audio-visual services when applicable
  • Compile materials and recordings when applicable
  • Manage registration and collecting fees
  • Session promotion 
  • Provide course manual/materials to attendees (digital or printed - TBD)


The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion at all levels of the Association. We welcome and encourage diversity within the membership, Board of Directors, staff, standing and strategic committees, suppliers, consultants, contractors, volunteers, and at the annual convention.

Organizer Details

Session Presenters

Note: PDAC does not recommend having more than 4 presenters per session

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Proposed Session Details

Provide a description of your session, and some of the key takeaways for the attendees. Assume this description will be used in the PDAC Preliminary Program for marketing purposes (please try to stay under 200 words):
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We are unable to confirm the event format at this time and are exploring a number of options for the Convention, including virtual, hybrid and in-person. Please select all presentation formats you would consider:

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