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This section provides information on GES, the Official Show Service Contractor and defines an Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC). Section 6 also notes the different services an Exhibitor may order.

Official Show Service Contractor (GES)

GES is the Official Show Service Contractor, responsible for:

  • Accessories
  • Carpet and underpadding
  • Furnishings
  • GEM Show Special
  • Installation & dismantling labour
  • Material handling services
  • Plants
  • Rental exhibits
  • Signs

All necessary forms are available in this section and are DUE FEBRUARY 9, 2018.

Exhibitor-appointed contractors

  • Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC): Is any individual who is not a full-time permanent employee of an exhibiting firm, who is providing a service to an Exhibitor onsite at the convention facility and does not represent one or more of the official contractors

Steps for securing an EAC

  1. Complete and sign the appropriate form included in this section. It must be received by GES by FEBRUARY 9, 2018. No extensions or exceptions will be granted after the published deadline.
  2. The EAC must provide an original “Certificate of Insurance.” DUE FEBRUARY 9, 2018. No extensions or exceptions will be granted after this deadline.

Failure to provide paperwork and insurance certification will result in the Exhibitor being required to hire installation and dismantling labour from GES and the EAC will be able to provide supervision only.

Please remember to include your booth number(s) on ALL order forms.

Important exhibit information


  • Dollies will be available at the Loading Dock in the South or the East Loading Dock in the North for Exhibitors with lightweight requirements
  • You must leave a valid driver's license or credit card to hold the dolly for a limited time
  • The time limit is to allow as many Exhibitors as possible to make use of this free service
  • Once materials are unloaded at the exhibit, return the dolly to the Loading Dock where your credit card or valid driver’s license will be returned
  • South Building Dollies: Dollies for Exhibitor use will be available at no charge at the MATERIAL HANDLING DESK at the east end of the loading dock
  • North Building Dollies: Dollies for Trade Show North Exhibitor use will be available at no charge at the MATERIAL HANDLING DESK on the East Loading Dock in the North Building

Floor plan approval (island booths or pavilions)

  • For displays covering 4 or more 10’ wide booth spaces (island booths or pavilions) or booths containing heavy equipment, a booth floor plan must be submitted to Exhibit Management for approval by JANUARY 26, 2018
    • PDAC will not review and approve multiple floor plans
    • Failure to submit a booth floor plan by the above deadline will result in an exhibit space reduction to three inline booths or less

Forklift & assistance

  • Should you require the services of a forklift or require assistance to unload your vehicle or to set up and dismantle your booth, you must complete the Material Handling and Labour forms at the end of this section


  • If you do not have a contract with GES for empty crate storage, Exhibitors must look after their own empty crates and cartons by storing them within their booth or arranging for off-site storage
  • Boxes protruding from Exhibitor booths will be removed and stored at the Exhibitors’ expense

Additional Exhibitor services, A-Z

Review these options to determine your requirements then locate the appropriate forms at the back of this section and submit them with payment to the corresponding supplier. Do so in advance of the early order date to receive discounts.

Audio Visual rentals

  • The official Show supplier of audio-visual equipment and accessories for product demonstration is AV-CANADA Inc.
    • Please complete the Audio Visual Equipment Rental Order Form. DUE FEBRUARY 12, 2018.

Computer rentals

  • Exhibitors who require rental computers and accessories may contact the Official Supplier, D.E. Systems Ltd.
    • Complete the Computer Rental Order Form at the back of this section. DUE PRIOR TO SHOW.

Electrical & lighting

  • Electrical and lighting included per 10’ wide booth space: One 1500-watt, 120-volt (12-amp) duplex electrical outlet
  • Exhibitors requiring additional electrical power must obtain this service from SHOWTECH POWER & LIGHTING, the exclusive service provider of electrical service at the MTCC
  • A full range of lighting options for your booth display are also available
  • All outlets are located at the back of the booth unless otherwise specified on the SHOWTECH order form
  • Island booths/ pavilions: You must provide a floor plan indicating the exact placement of the required power, even if you do not place an order for additional equipment
    • For island booths and displays that are 4 or more booths, complete the Booth Layout Form and return to SHOWTECH. DUE FEBRUARY 16, 2018.
  • Please note that electrical power may be turned off outside of official move-in hours and daily after the show closes and turned on prior to the show opening
    • At approximately 12:30 pm on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 (a half hour after move-out has begun) all electricity to booths will be disconnected
    • Should you require continuous power, please contact SHOWTECH POWER & LIGHTING at 416 585 8109 to make special arrangements
    • If you require power on a 24-hour basis please indicate this on your order form. Orders may be placed using the SHOWTECH Electrical Order Form in this section. DUE FEBRUARY 16, 2018.

Exhibitor Manual: Additional copies

  • On your Exhibitor application, every Exhibitor is given the option to request one copy of the Exhibitor Manual
    • If you opted out of this request or you would like another copy of the Exhibitor Manual, please contact Shelley Stienstra at [email protected] to purchase a copy

Exhibitor Staff Passes

Four Exhibitor Staff Passes are provided for each 10’ wide booth space

  • Additional Exhibitor Staff Passes may be purchased for $20.00 CDN each (maximum of 2 purchased passes per 10’ wide booth space). This totals 6 passes per 10’ wide booth space
  • Exhibitor Staff Passes must be ordered online
    • Your booth contact person will be sent an email from Exhibit Management in December 2018
    • This email will contain a website address, username and password with which you can order your Exhibitor Staff Passes
    • If you have any questions about ordering your Exhibitor Staff Passes, contact the PDAC Registration Department at [email protected] or 647 362 8442
  • To access to the show floor (from March 4 - 7, 2018) during non-show hours, an Exhibitor Staff Pass is required
    • Access to exhibit space during non-Show hours is available two hours prior to show opening and a half hour after show closing each day
    •  Peripheral security will not permit individuals who do not have an Exhibitor Staff Pass onto the show floor during this time
    • Exhibitors should not schedule meetings, invite attendees to their booths, etc. prior to show opening each day, as attendees without an Exhibitor Staff Pass will be refused entry
    • Should you have extenuating circumstances and require additional access to the show floor, contact PDAC prior to FEBRUARY 16, 2018 to request special permission. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • During show hours company employees, spouses, suppliers, clients, etc. cannot gain entrance to the show floor unless they have the proper pass
    • All pass types may be purchased during pre-registration or at the onsite registration desk
    • An Exhibitor Staff Pass does not grant the wearer access to the Technical Program
      • If you would like to attend the Aboriginal Program, CSR Event Series, Exploration Insights and Technical Program, Show Management has provided every exhibiting company with one generic 4-day All Access Pass per 10’ wide booth space
      • The pass for this registration will only identify the name of your company, so it may be shared amongst your exhibit staff
      • For pass access information, see page 3
  • Lost passes will be replaced at a cost of $50.00 CDN per pass, provided that the name is in the existing PDAC database
  • Passes should be picked up at the Exhibitor Pass Pick-up counter located on Level 600 of the South Building and Level 300 in the North Building, open daily beginning Friday, March 2, 2018

  • Option 1: Each individual staff member will be required to go to the Exhibitor Pass Pick-up counter to pick up his or her own pass
    • At that time, they will be asked to verify the correct name, spelling and company affiliation and only then will the pass be printed
  • Option 2: You may elect one person to pick up all of your company’s staff passes
    • The individual named will be responsible for the distribution of passes
    • Booth personnel will not be permitted onto the show floor without an Exhibitor Staff Pass
  • Move-in/Move-out Passes: Workers setting-up after 6:00 pm during move-in will be required to wear a pass
    • Move-in/Move-out Passes will be available at the Freight Desk located on the loading docks on Friday, March 2, 2018 and Saturday, March 3, 2018

Hanging signs & banners

  • In-line booths are NOT permitted to have an overhead hanging sign. Anyone requiring a sign or banner to be suspended from the ceiling must contact SHOWTECH POWER & LIGHTING for this service
    • Note that SHOWTECH will comply with show rules and hang banners to a maximum of 16’ from the show floor (island, quads and pavilions only) and set back 25% from all sides of your booth
  • For show rules refer to Section 4
  • Please complete the Hanging Sign Quotation/Order Form. This form must also be submitted to Exhibit Management for approval. DUE FEBRAURY 16, 2018.

Lead retrieval

  • PDAC does not distribute an attendee list to Exhibitors post-Convention
  • To build your own list, rent a Lead retrieval device through Microspec by using the form at the end of this section. DUE FEBRAURY 16, 2018.

Printing, on-demand

  • If you need any kind of print work done whether it’s a high-level production (big glossy magazine) or a highly detailed project (annual reports) Printbrain will deliver them to you
  • Printbrain is located within minutes of the MTCC and downtown hotels
  • Free delivery to the MTCC and/or your hotel
  • Check out the list of products and services at or their insert at the end of this section


  • Available services include water, drains, compressed air, and gas, all of which may be specially ordered by contacting SHOWTECH POWER & LIGHTING at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Tel: 416 585 8109 Fax: 416 585 8255. DUE FEBRAURY 16, 2018.

MTCC onsite services, A-Z

All MTCC services can be ordered online at

Booth cleaning

  • Aisles and common areas will be vacuumed each day prior to show opening
  • Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their booth space clean and tidy at all times
    • Booth cleaning services can be ordered by completing the Janitorial Service Order Form at the back of this section. DUE FEBRUARY 16, 2018.

Business Centre

  • Services: Photocopying, faxing (sending or receiving), printing documents, courier via FedEx, long distance calling cards, etc.
  • Price list: Refer to the Business Centre price list located in this section
  • South Building Location: Entrance to Hall D
    • Hours of operation: Friday, March 2, 2018 to Wednesday, March 7, 2018 8:30am –  4:30pm
    • Phone number: 416 585 8227
  • North Building Location: Entrance to Hall C
    • Hours of operation: TBD
    • Phone number: 416 585 8387

Catering, sample food & beverage distribution

  • The MTCC is the exclusive caterer for all food and beverage services
  • No outside food or beverages (including bottled water) are to be brought onto the premises
  • The MTCC requires that all Exhibitors who plan to distribute samples of food and/or beverages obtain approval from the MTCC in advance by filling out the Sample Food and/or Beverage Distribution Authorization Request and returning it to the MTCC.
  • Contact the MTCC Catering Sales Department at 416 585 8144. DUE PRIOR TO SHOW.


  • South Building Parking: The MTCC South Building features indoor, multi-level parking for over 500 cars, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
    • Location: The entrance to the parking garage is located off Lower Simcoe St (south of Bremner Blvd)
    • Parking pass pick-up: Visit the Service Desk in Room 809, or alternately at the Parking Office (located near the exit) of Level 600 of the garage in the South Building.
  • North Building Parking: The MTCC North Building features 1,200 parking spots
    • Location: The entrance to the parking garage is located off Simcoe St, south of Front St
    • Parking pass pick up: Visit the Exhibitor Services Desk outside the entrance to Hall C
  • To order parking passes (short term, 2 days or more): Fill out the Parking Pass Order Form
    • The order form outlines daytime rates and special reduced parking pass rates
    • Parking passes may be picked up during move-in
    • Upon first entry, take a ticket to enter, bring the ticket to the service desk and exchange it when picking up your pass
    • Your pass will be used at the automated exit or entry (i.e. scan pass, no ticket)


  • Peripheral security will be retained on a 24-hour basis for the duration of the Show, from move-in to move-out, including non-show hours
  • The primary function of security is to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to official exhibit events
  • Responsibility for the Exhibitor’s property rests with the Exhibitor
    • Although reasonable means will be taken to safeguard property when the exhibit area is closed, PDAC, Exhibit Management and the MTCC cannot assume responsibility for Exhibitor property which is lost or stolen
    • See Section 5, page 43 for additional security tips. Exhibitors requiring in-booth security coverage must hire private security guards. DUE FEBRUARY 16, 2018.


  • Exhibitors requiring telephone/fax/data lines or rental telephones/modems in their booths must make their own arrangements with the MTCC using the  Telecommunications Services Order Form
  • Computer communications lines such as ISDN, T-1, dedicated lines, audio/video lines, cable TV, hands free units, multi-line sets and conference units can be ordered by using the High Speed Internet Access Form
    • This order should be made at least 21 days prior to move-in to ensure that all technical specifications can be met. DUE FEBRUARY 16, 2018.

Wireless networking

  • Provides wireless capability to convention organizers and attendees
  • For more information, please contact 416 585 3596 or email at [email protected]. DUE FEBRUARY 16, 2018.