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Exhibits / Exhibitor Manual - Trade Show & Investors Exchange / Section 1: Introduction & FAQ’s

Welcome to PDAC 2018!

This Exhibitor Manual is designed to assist you in planning all aspects of your company’s Exhibitor participation at the PDAC Convention. It will answer your pre-show and onsite inquiries as well as inform you of your responsibilities as an Exhibitor.

All Exhibitors are required to comply with the policies and guidelines set out in this manual.

Section Summaries

Section 1: Introduction & FAQs offers planning tips and answers Exhibitor’s frequently asked questions.

Section 2: Terms & conditions sets out the Terms & Conditions every Exhibitor must observe while exhibiting at PDAC.

Section 3: Exhibitor quick reference provides general information including show location, contact information for Show Management and show service providers. This section also includes an Exhibitor checklist noting deadlines and a Convention program overview.

Section 4: Exhibit construction regulations provides information on the items included in a booth package as well as the different design options available to you as an Exhibitor. Regulations regarding signage, wall height and set back requirements are included in this section.

Section 5: Move-in & move-out provides a copy of the move-in and move-out schedule, Exhibitor Staff Pass access information and health and safety information. This section also sets out material handling options.

Section 6: Show services provides information on GES, the Official Show Service Contractor, and defines an Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor. Section 6 also notes the other services an Exhibitor may order.

Section 7: Shipping & customs offers information on the shipping options available to Exhibitors.

Planning Tips

  • Read the Exhibitor Manual thoroughly
    • Pay special attention to the Terms & Conditions outlined in Section 2 and the Frequently Asked Questions in Section 1
  • Use the “Checklist” in Section 3, page 16
    • Complete all required order forms by the deadlines. Last-minute or onsite orders are subject to increased fees
  • Do NOT send PDAC a copy of your Certificate of Insurance
    • All Exhibitors are required to have insurance coverage
    • You must have a copy of your Certificate of Insurance at your booth during Convention
    • Be sure to give special consideration to irreplaceable, highly valuable or sensitive items when securing insurance coverage
    • Please refer to Section 4, page 30, for more information on Insurance & liability
  • PDAC recommends that you use the official show carriers
    • Ground carrier: GES
    • Air freight: North American Logistics Services Inc.
    • For information on these carriers refer to Section 7
  • PDAC is not responsible for exhibit materials
    • If you do not use GES to ship materials to your booth, ensure you have Exhibitor staff available onsite to receive shipped goods
  • Onsite Exhibit staff should have copies of all orders, invoices and paperwork associated with your Exhibitor participation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is included in my booth package?

Each 10’ wide package includes:
  • 8’ white back drape
  • 3’ white side drape
  • One 1500-watt, 120-volt (12-amp) duplex electrical outlet
  • One Exhibitor Manual (if requested on Exhibitor Application form)
  • Four Exhibitor Staff Passes (does not grant access to the Technical Program, Aboriginal Program, CSR Event Series or Exploration Insights)
  • One generic four-day All Access Pass
  • For more information refer to Section 4, page 24

2. How many Exhibitor Staff Passes do I receive with my booth? Do I receive any All Access Passes with my booth?

Each 10’ wide booth space receives four Exhibitor Staff Passes plus the option to purchase an additional two passes at $20 each (for a maximum of six passes). See chart below for access details.

Each 10’ wide booth space is also entitled to one generic All Access Pass. See chart below for access details.

Table displaying the costs of Registration

**Included in booth package

3. Can I share my booth with another company?

Subletting or reselling of exhibit space(s) is prohibited. The Exhibiting company on record must be figured prominently in the exhibit space at all times. If the company on record does not occupy and staff the exhibit space, they will lose priority renewal for PDAC 2018 and going forward. Exhibitors found subletting or reselling their assigned exhibit space(s) will lose priority renewal for PDAC 2018. Refer to Section 2 for more details.

4. Can I change the company name on my booth?

When PDAC receives a request to change the company name on record, additional documentation is required. Documentation must include at least 2 of the following: name change certificate, merger & acquisition legal documentation, press release and/or proof of at least 3 shared Directors/Managers.

Please be advised that PDAC Convention Management reviews name changes on a case-by-case basis.

When a company is in the process of merging or is being sold, PDAC will not complete a booth name change until the merger/sale is complete. In the case of a sale, the purchasing company will retain priority renewal over the exhibit space.

When a company name is changed, the new company name on record will have priority renewal over the exhibit space. PDAC is unable to change the company name back or to any other company name within the management umbrella for future conventions.

5. What are PDAC 2018 show hours?

Sunday, March 4 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday, March 5 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday, March 6 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday, March 7 9:00 am - 12 noon

Exhibitors must mount and staff their booth by 9:00 am on Sunday, March 4. Exhibitors who do not mount and staff their booth by show open will be considered a “no show”.

6. What is a “no show”?

Exhibitors who do not set up by 9:00 am on Sunday, March 4 will be treated as a "no show". Empty booths are detrimental to Exhibitors and the show in general. To protect the integrity of the Trade Show, Trade Show North and Investors Exchange, no shows will lose priority renewal over the unused space. The booth will be resold to another Exhibitor for PDAC 2018, and the new company will retain priority renewal over this booth space for PDAC 2019. Regardless of whether the booth is resold for PDAC 2018, the no show will need to apply as a New Exhibitor for PDAC 2018.

7. Where can I view an Exhibitor list?

The Exhibitor list is available on the PDAC Convention website.

Trade Show:

Investors Exchange:

Mining Marketplace:

8. Where can I view an attendee list?

Due to privacy legislation, PDAC cannot distribute an attendee list to Exhibitors or attendees. To build your own list, see lead retrieval information in Section 6, page 48.

9. How do I assign Exhibitor Staff Passes?

You can assign your Exhibitor Staff Passes through the Booth Rep’s online dashboard. The Booth Rep will be sent an email when the form is available (December).

10. Where do I pick up my Exhibitor Staff Passes?

South Building: Pick up Exhibitor Staff Passes on Level 600, Exhibitor Registration.

North Building: Pick up Exhibitor Staff Passes on Level 300, Exhibitor Registration.

Refer to Section 3, page 15 for registration desk hours.

11. How do I get materials to the MTCC?

There are several options available to ship materials to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Refer to Section 5, page 37 to select the option that best suits your needs.

12. Can I change my move-in time?

PDAC recognizes that, from time to time, some Exhibitors may have challenges moving in at the scheduled time. Contact Shelley Stienstra at [email protected] to discuss.

13. Am I required to wear safety shoes during move-in/move-out?

The Ontario Ministry of Labour designates the PDAC exhibit floor (during move-in and move-out) a construction zone; therefore personal protective equipment must be worn. Refer to Section 5, page 34 for more details.

14. Are children permitted at Convention?

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on the show floor during move-in and move-out. During official show hours, children under the age of 16 are able to attend and may register for the complimentary Investors & Select Presentations Pass.

15. Do International Exhibitors have to pay HST?

PDAC is required to charge and remit HST on exhibit rental fees to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). International Exhibitors can request a refund from the CRA using the General Application for Rebate of GST/HST form. This form can be found on the CRA website at or at the back of this section. 

Advertising & Promotion

A number of publications are used to promote the annual PDAC Convention. Some of these are published by the Association itself; others are published on behalf of the Association. Exhibitors may be contacted about these advertising opportunities.

The following is a list of publications that will promote the PDAC Convention.

The Northern Miner Convention Supplement

  • Supplement to be published in January 2018 featuring Convention programming and Convention-related articles
  • Produced on behalf of PDAC by The Northern Miner
  • Advertising targets: Mineral industry companies with a focus on Trade Show & Investors Exchange Exhibitors
  • Advertising solicited by The Northern Miner personnel (PDAC supplies Exhibitor list – not including email address

PDAC 2018 Preferred Media Supplier: Globe and Mail

The PDAC 2018 preferred national newspaper is the Globe and Mail. They will publish a national Special Editorial Feature (Investing in Mining and Resources) in both print and online formats, which will reach over 1,000,000 influential and affluent Canadians. Take advantage of this unique once-a-year opportunity for you to promote your products and services to investors and senior business decision makers nationwide. To advertise or learn more about the topics under consideration, please go to or reach out directly to John Curry, Business Development at [email protected] or 416 585 5405.


The PDAC Global Sponsorship & Marketing Program presents unprecedented business opportunities to build visibility, stand out from the competition and promote your company to target audiences. Sponsors will be recognized year round in convention marketing materials, on the PDAC Convention website and onsite at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Take advantage of PDAC's successful sponsorship program to maximize your corporate presence and drive brand awareness. For more information, visit or email [email protected]