Convention Statistics

Convention attendees: 23,819
International attendees: 30.4%
Outside of Canada the largest number of attendees came from: United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Mongolia, Germany, Ghana, and India
Countries represented: 133
Accredited media: 487
Sponsors: 37
Student attendees: 909

Trade Show:
Booths: 1050
Exhibiting organizations: 604
Government exhibitors: 71 

Investors Exchange:
Booths: 499
Exhibiting organizations: 453

Prospectors Tent exhibitors: 19

Core Shack exhibitors: 40

Programming and workshops
Short Courses: 7
Sessions: 111
Speakers: 717

Convention Highlights

  • Extensive programming covering current topics focusing on capital markets, Indigenous affairs, student and early career, sustainability and technology.
  • Keynote speakers included Ken Hoffman, McKinsey & Company; Sinead Kaufman, Rio Tinto, Richard Inglis, Newmont Corporation;  and Alex Dorsch & Kevin Frost, Chalice Mining.
  • Governments continued to use the event as an important platform for announcements, including Canadian Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson who announced an investment of $344 million to help advance “the development of a dynamic and competitive critical minerals sector”.
  • Six of the industry’s top performers were honoured at the PDAC 2023 Awards Gala. The prestigious event was once again held at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.
  • The final day of the PDAC Convention also marked the transition of presidents. We thank Alex Christopher for his remarkable contributions to the industry and association during his two-year term, and welcome Raymond Goldie to the role.

PDAC 2023 Photo Gallery

Photo credit: Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada

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