General Information
Convention attendees: 23,144
Investors: 1,934
International attendees: 25.4%
Student attendees: 1,057
Self-identified Aboriginal attendees: More than 400
Media: 384
Sponsors: 47

Trade Show & Trade Show North
Booths: 1,053
Exhibiting organizations: 592
Governments exhibiting: 77

Investors Exchange
Booths: 497
Exhibiting organizations: 458
Prospectors Tent booths: 23

Core Shack
Exhibiting companies: 40

Presentations and workshops
Capital Markets Program sessions 9
Corporate Presentation Forum for Investors presentations: 103
Cutting Edge presentations 22
Indigenous Program sessions 11
Investor Toolkit Series presentations 14
Presentation Rooms & Reception Rooms: 41
Short Courses: 14
Student & Early Career Program sessions 13
Sustainability Program sessions 11
Technical Program sessions: 19
Speakers: 910

Convention Highlights

  • PDAC convention is the culmination of advocacy efforts undertaken by PDAC throughout the year on behalf of its 7,500 members and the mineral exploration and development industry. It continues to be widely recognized by all levels of government who use it as an opportunity to engage with industry and to make announcements.
  • Prime Minister Trudeau announced the federal government will be promoting the adoption of on-road to off-road electric vehicles, including vehicles used in mining applications
  • Minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O’Regan, announced the next phase of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan (CMMP)
  • Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Minister Greg Rickford announced Ontario will develop road access in northern Ontario to service First Nations communities and potentially develop the Ring of Fire project
  • Catherine Raw, Chief Operating Officer at North America Barrick Gold Corporation, discussed the recent spate of M&A in the gold mining sector, how it differs from that of the past, and the potential implications this has on investment and growth in the future
  • Attendees had an opportunity to attend 14 in-depth, educational short courses led by industry experts on topics such as:  An in-depth overview of US mining law relating to acquiring, developing, permitting, financing and closing hard rock mining claims and projects; Concepts and application of machine learning to mining geoscience: A practical course; Fundamentos de estimación de recursos minerales (Spanish only); Geological interpretation of aeromagnetic data; Gold: Geology, geochemistry, genesis and exploration; Greenstone belt architecture and metal endowment within the Abitibi Terrane; Health & safety for mineral exploration; Minimizing environmental impact; Mining financial modeling; Public reporting, professional practice, and industry guidance: Meeting expectations of securities regulators; Qualitative and quantitative prospectivity mapping and assessment of undiscovered mineral resources;  The value proposition for geophysics: It’s not just discovery
  • Attendees enjoyed continuous networking opportunities at the sold out Awards Gala & After Party where six industry leaders were honoured in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the minerals and mining industry, and the Grand Finale once again brought attendees together to celebrate the success of PDAC 2020.

Photo Gallery

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