General Information
Convention attendees: 25,122
International attendees: 24%
Outside Canada the largest number of attendees came from: United States, Australia, Peru, England, Mexico,  Chile, China, Brazil,  Argentina, Germany, France and South Africa
Countries represented: 103
Student attendees: 1,252
Self-identified Aboriginal attendees: more than 500
Accredited media: 374
Sponsors: 61

Trade Show
Booths: 665
Exhibiting organizations: 420
Governments exhibiting: 63

Investors Exchange
Booths: 572
Exhibiting organizations: 543
Prospectors Tent booths: 14 

Core Shack
Exhibiting companies: 60

Presentations and workshops
Technical sessions: 19
Short courses/workshops: 13
Presentation Rooms & Reception Rooms: 27
Corporate Presentation Forum for Investors presentations: 116
Innovation Forum presentations: 14
Speakers: 514

Photo Gallery

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