As part of a new initiative to move towards a more sustainable convention, PDAC in partnership with Rio Tinto will use Bullfrog Power – a clean energy solution. Bullfrog Power provides the ability to offset all greenhouse gas emissions created by our convention by purchasing renewable energy. Bullfrog ensures that for every kWh of electricity used, a kWh of pollution-free, natural, renewable source is put back into the grid on our behalf.

In choosing renewable energy, together with Rio Tinto, we will minimize the environmental impact of PDAC 2022. Bullfrog Power will inject renewable electricity onto the regional grid to match the amount our event uses.

This new initiative to choose green electricity, will:

  • Reduce the PDAC 2022 Convention’s environmental impact.
  • Create a healthier environment for families, communities and future generations.
  • Raise awareness of the choice that individuals and businesses have to support renewable electricity.


Sponsored by

Rio Tinto