Professional journalists who cover the mineral exploration and mining industry and/or capital markets for print, broadcast and online media can apply for media accreditation to attend PDAC 2024 at no cost. 

Only accredited media will receive a media badge for the event. PDAC reserves the right to accept or reject any request for media credentials and will base such determination on the criteria below.

All media are encouraged to apply for accreditation in advance.

Print Media Outlets

Accredited print publications include newspapers, trade magazines and wire services that are:

  1. Recurrently published: issues produced on a regularly scheduled basis – at least quarterly.
  2. Of general circulation: available at newsstands or on a subscription basis with a minimum of 2,500 regular subscribers. Newsletters that are originated and distributed solely within a corporation or organization do not meet this definition.
  3. Includes advertisements: supported by paid advertising or a minimum of 2,500 regular paid subscribers.
  4. Permanent in location: regularly issued from an established physical business address.

Acceptable job roles include: editor, reporter, writer, columnist and staff photographer. Freelance journalists may be asked to demonstrate proof of assignment from an accredited media outlet.

Broadcast Media Outlets

Accredited broadcast media outlets include television and radio networks, stations and programs that feature business and financial news.

Acceptable job roles include anchors, broadcasters, editors, hosts, producers, reporters and technical professionals such as camera operators and engineers that are directly related to the production of an on-site news project.

Administrative, analyst, sales, marketing, public relations, publishing and technical job roles other than those described above do not quality as accredited media.

Online Media Outlets

Accredited online media outlets must maintain a website, homepage or blog that is primarily dedicated to publishing original news stories related to the minerals/mining industry, business, or markets. The sites must be:

  1. Updated on a regular basis, at least weekly.
  2. Supported by paid advertising, paid subscriptions or in support of an accredited print publication.

Personal, non-commercial or enthusiast websites do not qualify as accredited media. 

Provisional Media

PDAC reserves the right to grant provisional media status to individuals who are performing photographic or journalistic tasks, as prescribed by or as officially approved by the organization.

Required Materials at Registration

If a person wishing to attend as media, the following will be required at on-site registration:

  1. Personal identification: government issued photo ID
  2. Employer identification: business card, employer ID badge, or letter of assignment on corporate letterhead.
  3. Proof of Assignment: sample by-lined article published within the past six months, or current masthead that includes the reporters name & title, or official letter of assignment from a media outlet.