These questions relate to PDAC 2022 Online, the portion of convention that will be accessed online. Should you be interested in the PDAC 2022 Toronto (in person) FAQs please click here.


  • What are the convention dates?

  • What are the convention hours?

  • Can I attend both PDAC 2022 Toronto and PDAC 2022 online?

  • Why has PDAC decided to host an in person convention with an online component?

  • What can we expect from PDAC Convention’s new format this year?

  • Who attends PDAC?

  • How will the online portion of convention accommodate different time zones?

  • What are the online event platform and PDAC’s privacy policies regarding my personal data?

  • What technical support will be available?

  • How will I set up my attendee profile?



  • I am an online exhibitor. Do you have an Exhibitor Toolkit where I can find all the relevant information I need to know about my online booth requirements?

  • Will I be provided with instructions on how to build my online booth and when will I have access to the booth portal?

  • What’s included in an online exhibit booth?

  • What are the online exhibit hours?

  • Can I exhibit online?

  • What do the online exhibitor opportunities cost for PDAC 2022?

  • How do I apply for online exhibitor opportunities at PDAC 2022?

  • Where can I view an exhibitor list?

  • As an exhibitor, can I receive the attendee list pre or post show?

  • What does Corporate Membership cost?

  • How many exhibitor staff passes do we get with our online booth?

  • How do I register for our exhibitor staff passes?

  • How many exhibitors can be staffing the booth at a time?

  • How do I get an invoice/receipt for our booth rental fees?

  • Can I change the company name on my booth?

  • Can I share my online booth with another company?

  • What is a “no show”?

  • Will attendees have access to my booth after the convention?


  • What programming will be accessible from the online portion of Convention?

  • Are you offering Short Courses online?

  • PDAC Convention includes many program areas and sessions. What session features will there be in the online event format?

  • How many simultaneous tracks of content will PDAC 2022 online include?


  • Will convention offer online events and entertainment? How will this work?

  • PDAC Convention provides excellent networking opportunities. How will that work in the online format?




  • Will I be able to interact with sponsors online?