• What are the convention dates?

  • Where is PDAC 2023 Toronto taking place?

  • What are the convention hours?

  • Who attends PDAC Convention?

  • Will there be any hotel blocks or PDAC rates available?

  • Can I purchase food at the MTCC?




  • What programming is offered?

  • Will captions be available in session rooms?


  • What is the difference between the Trade Show and the Investors Exchange?

  • How do I apply for a booth space at PDAC 2023?

  • What does it cost to exhibit in the Trade Show/Investors Exchange?

  • Who is exhibiting?

  • What are the exhibit hours?

  • Can I receive the attendee or exhibitor list pre or post show?

  • I am a PDAC 2020 exhibitor, what happens to my priority renewal status?

  • When will I receive my booth assignment?

  • Can I change the company name on my booth?

  • Can I share my booth with another company?

  • Can I have two listings in the Convention Program?

  • What does Corporate Membership cost?

  • How many exhibitor staff passes do we get with our booth?

  • How do I register for our exhibitor staff passes/complimentary generic all access pass (available in December)?

  • How do I register for additional exhibitor staff passes?

  • How do I get an invoice/receipt for our booth rental fees?

  • Where can I get a move-in/move-out pass?

  • Am I required to wear personal protective equipment during move-in and move-out?

  • Are children permitted on the show floor during move in and move out?

  • What can I do about solicitors at my booth?

  • When/where can I pick up my Exhibitor Staff Passes?



  • How can I present at PDAC 2023?