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February 4, 2020: PDAC 2020 Convention: Fostering partnerships between Indigenous communities and the minerals sector

Toronto, February 4, 2020 – The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) 2020 Indigenous Program—an annual gathering to promote dialogue and cooperative, respectful and mutually-beneficial relationships between Indigenous communities and the minerals industry—returns to the PDAC Convention in Toronto from March 1 to 4.

The PDAC Indigenous Affairs Program works year round to support positive relationships between communities and mineral exploration and mining companies, as well as increasing participation by Indigenous Peoples in the economic opportunities generated by the industry.

Canada’s mineral exploration and mining sector employs 16,600 Indigenous Peoples, making it the largest private-sector industrial employer of Indigenous People in the country.

“Indigenous communities play a vital role in the success mining projects, from early-stage exploration all the way through to development,” says PDAC President Felix Lee.

“The Indigenous Program at PDAC’s Convention attracts hundreds of self-identified Indigenous Peoples each year because it is an opportunity for communities and companies to come together and share their experiences, exchange ideas and network.”

PDAC 2020 Indigenous Program lineup includes:

  1. The mineral industry and Indigenous communities: Lessons from Canada and abroad

    Seeks to identify key issues between exploration and mining companies and Indigenous communities, both in Canada and abroad.

  2. The Indigenous Forum: Planning for the future

    Brings together mineral industry practitioners, Indigenous communities and companies, and governments to share experiences and highlight the outcomes when working constructively together.

  3. Indigenous law and regulatory frameworks: Navigating a dynamic landscape

    Examine some of the recent legal decisions, frameworks and regulatory initiatives, as well as key challenges and opportunities that arise for mineral companies and Indigenous communities in relation to the mineral exploration and mining landscape.

  4. Indigenous businesses & the mineral industry: Prosperity through partnerships

Features presentations from Indigenous-owned and/or operated businesses sharing their experiences interacting with the mineral sector, highlighting challenges and opportunities.

See the full lineup for further details.