PDAC President Ray Goldie recently spoke with Newsweek Magazine for its upcoming Investment Reports feature on the mining sector.

What are the key factors that can sustain Canada's leading global position in mining?

It has taken decades to build up the financial ecosystem that supports our mineral exploration companies getting access to the market and attracting capital to make new discoveries. The knowledge base within institutional and individual investors, market brokers, and all the connection points in between have been wrought through more than a century of building up our mineral exploration and mining industry.

To complement this ecosystem, we have highly effective and unique investor incentives like flow-through shares and mineral exploration tax credits that boost Canadian competitiveness, economic activity, and productivity.  The longevity of these incentives is key to sustaining our top rank in the world and we hope the Government of Canada commits to permanently enshrine the flow-through regime and mineral exploration incentives in Canadian fiscal policy. 

Why did the government renew the mineral exploration tax credit for only one year?

The government's decision to renew the METC for only one year was surprising and disappointing. The METC is an incredibly effective made-in-Canada incentive, which has attracted billions in domestic investments over the past two decades. A long-term commitment will provide the certainty and stability the Canadian mineral exploration sector needs to compete on the world stage in a challenging capital environment. That's why PDAC is calling on the government to renew the policy for at least a five-year term, as it did in 2018......  

Read the full interview: https://www.investmentreports.co/interview/raymond-goldie-1222