Executive Director's Blog

A look back at PDAC 2015

Mar 31, 2015

Arriving as the new Executive Director of the PDAC just one month prior to convention was a unique opportunity for a real “fly on the wall” experience to see how the industry’s premier annual event is put together. To say the least, it was a massive undertaking to successfully pull off the four-day gathering of 23,500 delegates from more than 100 countries, including 1,000 participating companies, sponsors, the prestigious PDAC Awards Evening, hotels, social events, meals, vendors, transportation…and the list goes on and on and on.

While being in the deep end for the PDAC 2015 Convention, I was immediately struck by how so few do so much, which is a testament to the unwavering dedication, excruciating attention to detail, and phenomenal organizational skills of our association’s Convention Team.

What also struck me was the sheer breadth and scale of the PDAC Convention. From the Investors Exchange and Trade Hall to the Technical Sessions, CSR Event Series, Aboriginal Affairs Programs and Capital Markets Program, as well as the numerous networking opportunities, I found myself thinking this is the Grand Bazaar of conventions that has something for everyone. It is also the important role of leadership that the PDAC has in developing and advocating in these program areas that greatly impresses.

We were also honoured to have had 30 Federal Members of Parliament attend, including eight Cabinet Ministers, and most Provincial and Territorial Mines Ministers as well as a Regional Chief from the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) who provided remarks at the Opening Ceremonies on behalf of the AFN’s new National Chief, Perry Bellegarde. It is clear that PDAC is a respected voice of high stature in government circles, and I am confident that we will continue to be going forward.

The PDAC is very much an organization that operates 365 days a year, and while we are justly well-known for our convention we also undertake substantial work on behalf of our members in the focus areas of Access to Capital, Access to Land and Aboriginal Affairs. I look forward to working with our highly talented, caring and dedicated staff, as well as the Board of Director and our various Committees in each of these areas to deliver results that matter to us, our membership, and society at large through leading best practices and focused advocacy.

To the entire staff and volunteers at the PDAC, my sincere thanks and congratulations on a job well done. I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the delegates, friends, governments and companies who made the annual pilgrimage to Toronto to attend PDAC 2015. We look forward to greeting you at PDAC 2016. Planning is already underway!