Call for nominations to Board of Directors

PDAC’s Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance and stewardship of the association and represents the full spectrum of professions making up the minerals industry. Directors are elected at the annual meeting in March.  There are nine (9) seats available, eight (8) of which will be three-year terms and one (1) of which will be a one-year term.

Nominations are now invited. The following nominating rules apply:

  • Nominations must be delivered to the PDAC no later than November 15, 2019.
  • Each nomination must be supported by ten (10) PDAC members in good standing.
  • Each individual being nominated must: 
  • Be a PDAC member in good standing for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years or served for a minimum of three (3) consecutive years on a PDAC Committee.
  • Consent in writing to serve as a director.
  • Complete a Nominee Information Form. This must include: profession, title and employer, duration of PDAC membership, current and former PDAC board and committee involvement, other mining industry membership and involvement, mining industry experience, volunteer leadership (in the mining industry and/or elsewhere), maximum 200 word biography, maximum 150 word election statement. Nominees should note that this information may be shared with PDAC’s membership as a whole if there is an election.

Nominating & Voting Procedure for New and Incumbent Directors
Nominee Form
Nomination support form

Nominations should be addressed to:

Andrea Murdoch
Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada
800-170 University Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3B3
416 362-1969 ext. 289,
Fax: 416 362-0101 or Email: [email protected]

Please note:   

  • Each submission must include the nominee application form, nominee support form from each of the ten PDAC members in good standing. Please email the complete nomination package, including 10 signed nominee support forms to [email protected] or fax at 416-362-0101 attn.: Andrea Murdoch no later than November 15, 2019.
  • You can check your membership status by contacting Sandra Doig at [email protected] or +1 416 362 1969 ext 235.