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First Engagement: A Field Guide for Explorers

The PDAC has released the final draft of its new community engagement guide, designed specifically for junior exploration companies. Click here to open the PDAC First Engagement Guide.

Health and Safety Field Guide

The PDAC's new Field Safety Pocket Guide is a valuable and handy information resource for field workers in the mineral exploration industry. Waterproof, tear-resistant and designed to fit easily in your high vis jacket, the guide provides useful information on safe fieldwork practices. Click here to order, the first five copies are free. You can also download the PDF of the Pocket Guide in EnglishFrench and Spanish

Preventing Conflict in Exploration: A Toolkit for Explorers and Developers

Developed by the PDAC, World Vision Canada, and CDA Collaborative Learning, the toolkit is designed to help exploration companies establish constructive relationships with stakeholders at the community level and reduce the risk of conflict at their operations sites. Click on the links to download the PDF of the full toolkit or the shortened field version of the tool in English (ToolkitTool), French (ToolkitTool) or Spanish (ToolkitTool).

The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) developed e3 Plus to help exploration companies continuously improve their social, environmental, and health and safety performance. e3 Plus is an information resource on which explorers are encouraged to base their corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and programs. Learn more.

e3 Plus: A Framework for Responsible Exploration

e3 is different than e3 PlusFind out why.
Purpose  |  Consultation  |  History  | Acknowledgements

FrameworkThe PDAC developed e3 Plus: A Framework for Responsible Exploration in order to help exploration companies continuously improve their social, environmental and health and safety performance and to comprehensively integrate these three aspects in to all their exploration programs. More

e3 Plus Principles & Guidance Notes

The overall purpose of this document is to provide a set of Principles to which all explorers should aspire, together with Guidance Notes which illustrate what is required to convert the Principles into action. 

Principles & Guidance full documents:
Principles & Guidance
Principes et Notes d'Orientation 
Principios y Notas Guía

e3 Plus Toolkits

These three comprehensive and practical toolkits cover issues concerning social responsibilityenvironmental stewardship and health and safety.


Social Responsibility

The Excellence in Social Responsibility (ESR) e-toolkit helps promote Governance, Due Diligence, Community Engagement and Ethical Conduct issues and More

Environmental Stewardship

The Excellence in Environmental Stewardship (EES) e-toolkit promotes the advancement of environmental stewardship in the exploration stage of mineral development worldwide. More.

Health and Safety

The Excellence in Health & Safety (EHS) e-toolkit addresses General Safety Principles, Emergency Response, Survival,  Weather & Environmental Risks and More.