Responsible Exploration

e3 Plus

e3 Plus is an online information resource to help companies exploring for minerals improve their social, environmental, and health and safety performance. It was launched in 2009 by PDAC as its signature corporate social responsibility initiative. 

The original incarnation of e3 Plus was simply e3, which stood for Excellence in Environmental Exploration. e3 was producedin 2003 and was quickly supplemented by the creation of toolkits designed to improve social and health and safety performance—the “plus” in e3 Plus.

e3 Plus improves performance and will help secure a social license to operate.

Community Engagement Guide

Our members and stakeholders have continually flagged the importance of community engagement. PDAC created an e3 Plus chapter on community engagement with world renowned community engagement expert Luc Zandvliet.

Read First Engagement - A Field Guide for Explorers

Principles & Guidance Notes

e3 Plus is built on eight key principles that underpin the entire framework.

These eight principles for responsible exploration are explained in the e3 Plus principles and Guidance Notes.


While Principles are important - they are the solid platform on which you should build your CSR policy—they are not enough.

The Toolkits of e3 Plus will help you move from principles to practical performance, successfully.