Responsible Exploration

PDAC has long been an advocate for the industry to improve its social, environmental and health & safety performance both at home and abroad. This is why we were the first industry association in the world to develop detailed guidance for companies on how to explore responsibly. e3 Plus: A Framework for Responsible Exploration is now available free of charge on our website.

PDAC activities in support of responsible exploration world-wide focus on the following areas:

  • Supporting industry leadership, through the provision of tools and resources such as e3 Plus and also through organization of the CSR Event Series at the annual PDAC Convention.
  • Improving governance by host countries, particularly with respect to building institutions that oversee exploration stage activities (e.g. advocating for development agencies to fund land-use planning and other integrated resource management projects in mineral rich areas, like this project funded by CIRDI).
  • Improving governance by Canada, as a ‘home-state’, to encourage responsible exploration and mining overseas by supporting the Government of Canada’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for the Extractive Sector Abroad.
  • Organizing an annual survey on the health and safety performance of companies exploring in Canada (complete the 2016 survey), and supporting companies to improve their performance through the provision of tools and resources such as the e3 Plus H&S toolkit and training on helicopter slinging.

As distinct from our efforts to improve the sustainability performance of the industry world-wide, PDAC also supports positive relationships between Canadian-Aboriginal communities and the mineral industry.