PDAC supports global efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the minerals and metals industry

In October 2015 the ICMM released a statement to offer support for the creation of an international climate change agreement and it can be found here. The October statement outlines the ICMM's support for "an effective binding global agreement on climate change", a "greater use of renewable energy" and "collaborative approaches to accelerate the use of low-emission coal technologies as part of a measured transition to a lower-emissions energy mix".

As a member association to the ICMM, the PDAC supports the ICMM's statement on climate change and encourages its members to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  To that end, PDAC has included a session in the CSR Event Series which takes place as part of the annual PDAC Convention in Toronto. This one-hour session entitled "Mining, Exploration and the Carbon Driven Economy", led by iCompli Sustainability, will focus on companies lowering carbon emissions while still maintaining their competitiveness. 

PDAC has also developed extensive guidance on responsible exploration through its e3 Plus: A Framework For Responsible Exploration. Various sections of e3 Plus are relevant for companies interested in climate change mitigation and adaptation, particularly in the Environmental Stewardship toolkit. In particular, the content of the chapters on "air management", "water use & water conservation" and revegetation processes may be of use to companies interested in climate change.