PDAC participates in Harvard Masterclass on the role of the private sector in development

On Friday November 13, PDAC's Senior Program Director was invited to participate in a "case-based" executive masterclass facilitated by Harvard Business School professor Shawn Cole, examining the role of the private sector in supporting both economic and social transformation in fragile and developing countries.  Using the example of Roshan Telecom in Afghanistan, participants explored how a private business can successfully manage social and political risk to generate significant economic value, while also improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable and impoverished people in the world.

There was significant discussion of the role of the extractive sector in playing a similar role, and the key factors that would enable the extractive sector to make a positive contribution to its host society: a deep commitment to sustainability from the CEO and the Board; the infusion of this commitment into all aspects of the company's work; supportive investors with a long-term vision; partnerships with development experts from multilateral institutions and civil society; and, where possible, an enabling regulatory environment provided by the host government.