2013 Securities Reform Roundtables - Summary of member feedback

In May 2013, the PDAC Securities Committee organized six round-tables (Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax) to engage members in a discussion about how to improve Canadian capital markets. 

Members highlighted how the increasing complexity of securities regulations, and listing requirements, have substantially increased the costs of being a publicly listed company in Canada. They also discussed the importance of finding creative ways to allow more Canadians to invest in mineral exploration, through crowd-funding initiatives or changes to the accredited investor rules.   Members also called for more effective enforcement, arguing that better enforcement of existing rules would be a more effective way to protect investors than by adding more regulations. 

The PDAC Securities Committee will take these findings and undertake further research and analysis to support an advocacy strategy to reform Canada’s capital markets and ensure Canada remains the top jurisdiction in the world in which to raise mining equity capital.

2013 Securities Reform Roundtables Summary can be found here