• Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences Undergoes Renewal Process

    Mar 24, 2014
    The Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences (CFES) recently undertook a significant strategic planning exercise and is in the process of consolidating and expanding its role as advocate for the earth sciences in Canada. For more information on the organization’s roles, responsibilities and objectives, as well as the benefits it provides to Canadian earth scientists. Full story >>>
  • Geosciences

    Apr 07, 2006
    The Geoscience Committee, chaired by Richard Moore of Vismand Exploration Inc., works on issues that encourage and support mineral exploration activities in Canada. Full story >>>
  • Professional Registration Of Geoscientists

    Apr 06, 2006
    The PDAC supports the professional registration of geoscientists in Canada. Full story >>>
  • Geoscience Mapping Programs

    Apr 05, 2006
    Canada has a continuing need for reliable geoscience knowledge relating to mineral, energy and groundwater resources. Full story >>>
  • Cooperative Geological Mapping Strategy

    Apr 04, 2006
    The Geoscience Committee supports renewal of the Cooperative Geological Mapping Strategy (CGMS), a ten-year plan that was approved by all of Canada’s mines ministers in 2000. Full story >>>
  • Geoscience Reports & Announcements

    Apr 03, 2006
    The PDAC geoscience committee commissioned a report by Dr. J.M. Duke entitled "Government geosciences to support mineral exploration: public policy rationale and impact". Full story >>>
  • PDAC Presentations To Government

    Apr 02, 2006
    PDAC Director Richard Moore, Chair of the Geoscience Committee, was called as a witness to the Federal Government’s Standing Committee on Natural Resources this month. Full story >>>
  • CanGeoRef

    Apr 01, 2006
    CanGeoRef is an earth science literature database that is a subset of GeoRef, the earth science literature database built and maintained by the American Geological Institute (AGI) which contains 3.2 million references. Full story >>>