Aboriginal Programs

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Mining Matters partnered with Baffinland Iron Mines for the first time this year, sharing knowledge about Canada’s geology and mineral resources with remote communities in the Qikiqtani region on Baffin Island, Nunavut. A total of 207 youth, ages 13 to 22 years in grades 9 to 12, were reached through one-day programs brought to them at their schools in the following communities:

Arctic Bay – September 8, 2014
•    Total Participants: 59
     •  School Program: 41
     •  Teacher Workshop: 18

Clyde River – September 30, 2014
•    Total Participants: 79
     •  School Program: 55
     •  Teacher Workshop: 24

Hall Beach – September 17, 2014
•    Total Participants: 61
     •  School Program: 41
     •  Teacher Workshop: 20

Pond Inlet – October 21, 2014
•    Total Participants: 89
     •  School Program: 70
     •  Teacher Workshop: 19
Baffinland participants viewing a geological map of Canada.

See what people are saying about our programs:

"How much hard work it is to be a miner"
 -Arctic Bay participant, grade 12, female

"[My favourite activity was] Career Exploration with Bob and Elements of life because I learned more about jobs in mining areas."
-Clyde River participant, age 16, grade 12, female

"The cookie mining because it gave you an idea of budgeting and cleanup after a mining exploration"
-Hall Beach teacher, female

"[I learned] That we need a plan and there's 120 JOBS!"
-Pond Inlet participant, age 15, grade 10, female