Mentee Application

We are looking for mentees who are recent graduates (1-2 years out) or students completing a Masters/PHD or in their final year of their program (undergrad). 

Relevant programs include Geology, geography, geophysics, resource modeling, environmental studies, mine business development and other geoscience related fields of study.

Please complete a Mentee Application and return to Krishana Michaud, Manager, Student Program, at [email protected]

PDAC Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

PDAC is excited to introduce our pilot Mentoring Program!

This is an exciting new initiative to connect our student members with our more experienced geoscientists.  The aim is to strengthen our community and to provide a link between members so that industry knowledge can be shared.

We are searching for mentors in all areas of geoscience expertise such as finance, academia, government, and industry.

Mentors will have the opportunity to guide student members through the challenging journey of choosing a field of expertise within the geoscience industry, provide insight into the job hiring/interview process, and can even comment on the impact the industry has on the work-life balance.

What to Expect
 -  Opportunity to individually mentor up to two senior geoscience students
 -  Ability to select local or regional mentees
 -  A PDAC guide to ensuring a productive and respectful mentor-mentee relationship
 -  Opportunities to meet and discuss with other members at convention

Our students are the future of the industry, let’s help make it a bright one.

Hear from one of our Mentors: Sherri Hodder!

"SherriI had an excellent experience with my two mentees; it's great to give back to an industry that has provided me with so much! Where else can you travel the world, keep learning, camp for a living and help another generation of geologists do the same!

Helping them build a network and – by extension – become part of a family. The people I work with have certainly become more than just colleagues.

Geology teaches more than just understanding rocks – it teaches patience.”

Our Mentoring Program was featured by Canadian Mining and Energy Magazine! Read up on the program on their website.