Awards & Bursaries For Undergraduate &
Graduate Students

Engaging Students in the Mineral Exploration & Development Industry

Co-chaired by Tim Doherty and Sherri Hodder, the Human Resources Development Committee was created to provide leadership and contribute to the development and delivery of programs that will help to address the human resource needs of the Canadian mineral exploration industry over the next 10 to 15 years. To that end, the PDAC has established annual scholarships and bursaries at various colleges and technical schools across Canada. 

The PDAC is also pleased to support opportunities for students to experience different facets of their program of study within the geosciences. As such, we invite applications (hyperlink to application form) for field trip funding from student groups planning a field trip as part of an academic course. 

At the PDAC Convention in March 2007, Lynda Bloom presented David Piper, past President of the Geological Association of Canada, with a cheque for $50,000 towards the Logan Student Trust Fund. More information on this fund can be found on the Undergraduate Awards page.

Samuel Grasis
Samuel Grasis, one of 10 lucky tuition top up award winners at the PDAC Student Industry-Networking Luncheon at Convention 2011.

For more information on student awards and bursaries, contact Marc Gasparotto, Coordinator, Student Program, at [email protected] 

  Scott Jobin Bevans
Scott Jobin Bevans, PDAC's 2nd Vice President, Robert Marquis, GAC's President, and Lynda Bloom, PDAC director, present Andy Parmenter of UNB the Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award at the second annual PDAC Student-Industry Networking Luncheon, March 6, 2007.