Corporate Members


A.C.A. Howe International Limited UK
Aarhus Geophysics ApS
Aberdeen International Inc.
Abitibi Geophysics Inc.
Able Translations Ltd.
Accurassay Laboratories Ltd.
Acker Drill Co., Inc.
acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd.
Activation Laboratories Ltd. (Actlabs)
Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS)
Advanced Geosciences Inc.
Advanced Logic Technology ALT
Advantage Lithium Corp.
Adventus Zinc Corporation
AeroGeophysical Surveys
Afghanistan, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum
African Queen Mines Ltd.
Agnav Inc.
Agnico Eagle Mines Limited
AGT Systems
Aguia Resources Ltd.
AIL Mining
Air Bravo
Air Greenland Charter
Airbus Helicopters Canada Ltd.
Alabama Graphite Corp.
Alacer Gold Corp.
Alamos Gold Inc.
Alaska Structures
Albert Mining
Alderon Iron Ore Corp.
Aldridge Minerals Inc.
Alexandria Minerals Corporation
Alexco Resource Corp.
Alianza Minerals Ltd.
Alicanto Mining Corp.
Allegheny Instruments, Inc.
Almaden Minerals Ltd.
Alopex Gold Inc.
Alset Energy Corp.
Altiplano Minerals Ltd.
Altius Minerals Corp.
Alto Ventures Ltd.
ALX Uranium Corp.
AMC Mining Consultants Canada
AMC North America Limited
Amec Foster Wheeler Americas Ltd.
American Creek Resources Ltd.
American Geosciences Institute
Amerigo Resources Ltd.
Anachemia Science
Anaconda Mining Inc.
Anconia Resources Corp.
Anfield Gold Corp.
Anglo American
Approach Navigation Systems Inc.
APR Energy
Aquila Resources Inc.
Arctic Star Exploration Corp.
Arethuse Geology
Argentina, Federal and provincial governments
Argentine Mining Industry Pavilion
Argo Gold
Arizona Mining Inc.
Armtec LP
Artisanal Gold Council
Asante Gold Corporation
Ascendant Resources Inc.
Ascot Resources Ltd.
ASD Inc.
Ashanti Gold Corp.
Assay on Wheels
AssayNet Canada Inc.
Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC)
Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario
Astera Solutions GmbH
Aston Bay Holdings Ltd.
ATAC Resources Ltd.
Atelier Val-d'Or
Atlantic Gold Corporation
Atlas Copco Exploration Products
Auracle Geospatial Science
Aurania Resources Ltd.
AuRico Metals Inc.
Aurum Exploration Services
Auryn Resources Inc.
Austral Gold Limited
AuTec Innovative Extractive Solutions Ltd.
Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.
Avidian Gold Inc.
Avjet Holding Inc.
Azimut Exploration Inc.


Baker & McKenzie
Balmoral Resources Ltd.
Banro Corporation
Barbados, Consulate General of
Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
Barrick Gold Corporation
Basler Turbo Conversions, LLC
Batero Gold Corp.
Bauer Foundations Canada
BAUER Maschinen GmbH
BBA Inc.
BDO Canada LLP
Beaufield Resources Inc.
Bell Geospace, Inc.
Benton Resources Inc.
BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.
Bio-Mine Ltd.
Black Sea Copper & Gold Corp.
Blue Coast Research
Boart Longyear
Bollore Logistics Canada Inc.
BONTERRA Resources Inc.
Agency for Technological Development of the Brazilian Mining Industry
Breaker Technology
Brio Gold Inc.
British Columbia, Ministry of Energy and Mines
Brixton Metals Corporation
Bullion Mart
Bureau Veritas Commodities Canada Ltd.


Cabo Drilling Corp.
Cadillac Ventures Inc.
Callinex Mines Inc.
Canada Zinc Metals Corp.
Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office
Canadian Helicopters Limited
Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI)
Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency CanNor
Canadian Resources Insurance Solutions Inc.
Canadian Securities Exchange
Canadian Trade Commissioner Service-Export Café
Canadian Zinc Corporation
CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
Candelaria Mining Corp.
Candente Copper Corp.
Canstar Resources Inc.
Cardinal Resources Ltd.
Caron Business Solutions Inc.
Carube Copper Corp.
CDN Resource Laboratories Ltd.
Centenera Mining Corporation
Centric Mining Systems
Centurion Minerals Ltd.
Century Global Commodities Corporation
CH2M HILL Canada Limited
Champagne Resources Ltd.
Champion Bear Resources Ltd.
Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited
CHES Special Risk Inc.
Chesapeake Gold Corporation
Chile, Trade Commission of
Chilean Metals Inc.
China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd.
China, Ministry of Land and Resources
Chinec Investments S.A.
CIM - Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum
Claim Group Inc., The
ClearView Geophysics Inc.
CMI Heavy Industries
Cobalt Power Group Inc.
ColdBlock Technologies Inc.
Commerce Resources Corp.
Complete MT Solutions
Concerto Analytics
Condor Consulting, Inc.
Condor Gold Plc
Consolidated Zinc Limited
Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.
Control Chemical 1989 Corporation
Copper Fox Metals Inc.
Copper North Mining Corp.
Copperzone Resources Limited
Core Case
Corescan Pty Ltd.
Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc.
Coro Mining Corp.
Corvus Gold Inc.
Critical Elements Corporation
Crone Geophysics & Exploration Ltd.
Crown Mining Corporation
Crusader Resources Limited
CSA Global Pty Ltd.
Custom Helicopters Ltd.
Cypher Environmental Ltd.


Dalhousie University, Department of Earth Sciences
Dando Drilling International Ltd.
Dany Boilard Inc Exploration
Dassault Systèmes Canada Software Inc.
Datamine Software Canada
Davidson & Company LLP
Day Translations, Inc.
DBC Makina
De Beers Group Services
Deakin Industries
Deep Exploration Technologies CRC
Defiance Silver Corp.
Denison Mines Corp.
Derrick Corporation
Detour Gold Corporation
Devico Directional Drilling
DGI Geoscience Inc.
DGR Global
Diamantina Christensen Trading Inc.
Diamcor Mining Inc.
Dias Geophysical Limited
Discovery Drill Manufacturer DDM Ltd.
Discovery Group
Discovery International Geophysics Inc.
DMC Mining Services
DMT Group, Consulting & Geosciences, Instruments
Downhole Surveys
Dundee Precious Metals Inc.
Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc.
Duralite Diamond Drills Ltd.
Dynacor Gold Mines Inc.
Dynamic Aviation Group Inc.
Dynasty Gold Corp.


Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.
Earthmetrix Inc.
Eastern Platinum Limited
ECO Technologies
eCobalt Solutions Inc.
Ecuador Mining
Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority
Eldorado Gold Corporation
ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology Pty Ltd.
Eloro Resources Ltd.
Ely Gold
Empire Metals Corp.
EMX Royalty Corp.
Encanto Potash Corp.
Endeavour Mining Corporation
Energold Corp.
Energy Fuels Inc.
EON Geosciences Inc.
Equator Drilling International
Erdene Resource Development Corp.
Esri Canada
Euromax Resources Ltd.
Evrim Resources Corp.
Excelsior Mining Corp.
Exeter Resource Corporation
Expedition Helicopters Inc.
Explor Resources Inc.


Falco Resources Ltd.
Fancamp Exploration Ltd.
Federal Institute for Geosciences & Natural
Finland, Geological Survey of
Firestone Building Products Canada
First Mining Finance Corp.
Fission 3.0 Corp.
Fission Uranium Corp.
Five Star Diamond Limited
Fladgate Exploration Consulting Corporation
Focus Graphite Inc.
Foraco International SA
Forage G4 Drilling
Foran Mining Corporation
Foremost Industries LP
Fortune Minerals Limited
Forum Uranium Corp.
Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC
Fracflow Consultants Inc.
Freegold Ventures Limited
Frontier Lithium Inc.
FPX Nickel Corp.


G4S Secure Solutions Canada Ltd.
Galway Metals Inc.
Gekko Systems
GEM Advanced Magnetometers
Genesis Metals Ltd.
Geo Data Solutions Inc.
Geologica Inc.
Geomega Resources Inc.
GeoMinera S.A.
Geonics Limited
Geophysics GPR International Inc.
Georeference Online Ltd.
Geo-reka Software
GeoResources Risk Solutions Inc.
Geosoft Inc.
Geotech Drilling Services Ltd.
Geotech Ltd.
Géotic Inc.
Geovista Ltd.
GFG Resources Inc.
GGX Gold Corp.
Ghana, Minerals Commission of
Global Geoscience Ltd.
Globalaw Limited
Globalstar Canada Satellite Co.
Globe Trotters Resource Group Inc.
Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
GMV Minerals Inc.
Gold Group Management Inc.
Gold Investment Letter
Gold Sniffer Inc.
Goldak Airborne Surveys
Goldbelt Empires Limited
Golden Arrow Resources
Golden Minerals Company
Golden Predator Mining Corp.
Golden Rim Resources Ltd.
Golden Share Resources Corp.
Golden Star Resources Limited
Golder Associates Ltd.
Goldgroup Mining Inc.
GoldMining Inc.
Goldmoney Inc.
GoldQuest Mining Corp.
Goodmans LLP
Gossan Resources Limited
GoviEx Uranium Inc.
Gowest Gold Ltd.
Gran Colombia Gold Corp.
Greenland Business Association
Greenland, Government of
Grenville Minerals
Grizzly Discoveries Inc.
Groundradar Inc.
GroundTech Solutions Ltd.
Group Ten Metals Inc
GT Gold Corp.


Halltech Exploration Outfitters
Happy Creek Minerals Ltd.
Harte Gold Corp.
Hayward Baker, Inc.
Hazleton Pumps International
Hecla Mining Company
Hekla Consulting Ltd.
Heli Explore Inc.
Helicopter Transport Services
Helio Resource Corp.
Helium One Ltd
Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology
Heron Resources Limited
Hi Tech PMR
High Power Exploration
HiSeis Pty Ltd.
Horizon Occupational Health Solutions
Houston International Insurance Group
HudBay Minerals Inc.
Hudson Resources Inc.
Hunt Mining Corp.
Hybrid Enterprises
Hy-Tech Drilling Ltd.


IAMGOLD Corporation
IBK Capital Corp.
Icefield Tools Corporation
ICOM Canada
IDM Mining
IFG Corporation
IGS International Geoscience Services Ltd.
iHandover Limited
Illumiti Inc.
Imago Inc.
IMP Automation Canada Ltd.
Impact Silver Corp.
Inca One Gold Corp.
Inception Mining Inc.
Independence Gold Corp.
Independent Laboratory Supplies Pty Ltd.
Independent Mining Consultants, Inc.
India, Government of, Ministry of Mines
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Industrial Fabrication Inc.
Inertial Sensing
InfoMine Inc.
Infosat Communications LP
InnovExplo Inc.
Innu Development Limited Partnership
Instrumentation GDD Inc.
Integra Gold Corp.
International Directional Services
International Millennium Mining Corp.
International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.
Intrepid Geophysics
INV Metals Inc.
InZinc Mining
Ireland, Department of Communications
IRL Supplies Ltd.
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
Ivy Minerals Inc.


Jaguar Mining Inc.
Jameson Resources Limited
Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
Japosat Satellite Mapping
Jexplore Equipment Inc.
Junta de Andalucia


Kappes, Cassiday & Associates
Kemetco Research Inc.
Kenn Borek Air Ltd.
Kesselrun Resources Ltd.
Khalkos Exploration Inc.
Kinetic Gold Corp.
Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc.
Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.
Kishore Vadilal Private Limited
Kitikmeot Cementation Mining & Development Ltd.
Klen International
Klondex Mines Limited
Klondike Silver Corp.
Knick Exploration Inc.
Kroum VS Instruments Limited
KT Energy Corporation


Lake Central Air Services Inc.
Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd.
Landsky Tech. Co. Ltd
Lara Exploration Ltd.
Leading Edge Materials Corp.
Leapfrog Software ARANZ Geo
Legacy Building Solutions
Levon Resources Ltd.
LiDAR Services International Inc.
LIM Logging
Lithium Power International Ltd.
Llorente y Cuenca
LNS Greenland A/S
Liberty Gold
LQ Consulting and Management Inc.
Lumina Group, The
Lundin Group of Companies, The
Lydian International Ltd.


Macarthur Minerals Limited
Machines Roger International
MacLean Engineering
MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman LLP
Magna Terra Minerals Inc.
Major Drilling
Mala Geoscience USA, Inc.
Mandalay Resources Corp.
Manex Resource Group Inc.
Manitoba Pavilion
Manufacture Adria Inc.
Marathon Gold Corporation
Margaux Resources Ltd.
Mariana Resources Ltd.
Marifil Mines Limited
Maritime Resources Corp.
Marlin Gold Mining Ltd.
Mason Resources
Master Drilling
Matamec Explorations Inc.
Matawa First Nations
MATEC America Inc.
Matrix Helicopter Solutions Inc.
Mawson Resources Limited
Maxidrill Inc.
Maxwell GeoServices
Maya Gold & Silver Inc.
MBI Drilling Products
McCue Engineering Contractors
McDonald & Wang
McDowell B. Equipment
McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.
McEwen Mining Inc.
Medusa Systems BV
Megadome Buildings
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Metallic Minerals Corp.
Metals Creek Resources Corp.
Metanor Resources Inc.
M-I SWACO, A Schlumberger Co.
Micon International Limited
Midas Gold Corp.
Midland Exploration Inc.
Millisecond Digital
Minaurum Gold Inc.
Minco Mining Group
Minco plc.
Mincon Group PLC
MineAfrica Inc.
Minera Alamos Inc.
Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd.
Minerx Inc.
Mining Circle
Mining Industry Human Resources Council
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Mira Geoscience Ltd.
Mirasol Resources Ltd.
Mississauga Mining & Exploration Cameroon S.A.R.L.(MMEC)
MMD Mineral Sizing Canada Inc.
Mobile Communications
Monarques Gold Corporation
Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.
Montan Mining Corp.
Montero Mining & Exploration Ltd.
Montt Group SpA.
Monument Mining Limited
Morien Resources Corp.
Motion Metrics
Mount Sopris Instrument
Moydow Resources Limited
MPX Geophysics Ltd.
MS Analytical
Mud Bay Drilling
Multi-Power Products Ltd.
Mundoro Capital Inc.
Murchison Minerals Ltd.


Namibia Geological Survey
Namibia Rare Earths Inc.
Napier Ventures Inc. www.napierventuresinc.come
National Compressed Air Canada Ltd.
Natural History Museum Consulting
Neal Gerber & Eisenberg LLP
Nemaska Lithium Inc.
NEO Exchange
Neo Lithium Corp.
Network Innovations Inc.
Nevada Copper Corp.
Nevada Exploration Inc.
Nevada Zinc Corporation
New Brunswick Department of Energy and Resource Development
New Brunswick Prospectors & Developers Association
New Resolution Geophysics
New Zealand Government
NewCastle Gold Ltd.
Newcrest Mining Ltd.
Newfoundland and Labrador: Explore the opportunities
Newmarket Gold Inc.
Newmont Mining Corporation
Newrange Gold Corp.
New-Sense Geophysics Limited
Newterra Ltd.
NextSource Materials Inc.
Niagara Investment Castings
NioBay Metals Inc.
Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund
Noah's Rule Pty Ltd
Nolinor Aviation
Nomadis Inc.
Norda Stelo Inc.
Nordic Mining ASA
Noront Resources Ltd.
Norseman Structures
North American Nickel
North Arrow Minerals Inc.
North Fringe Industrial Technologies Inc.
Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
Northern Graphite Corporation
Northern Ireland, Department for the Economy
Northern Miner, The
Northern Ontario Mining Showcase
Northern Shield Resources Inc.
Northern Survey Supply
Northern Vertex Mining Corp.
Northwest Territories & Nunavut Chamber of Mines
Northwest Territories, Government of
Norway, Geological Survey of
Nouveau Monde Graphite
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
Novagold Resources Inc.
Nuna Logistics Limited
Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated
Nunavut, Government of


OceanaGold Corporation
OCP Construction Supplies Inc.
OK2 Minerals Ltd.
Olivut Resources Ltd.
One Earth Future Foundation
Ontario Geological Survey
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
Orbite Technologies Inc.
Ore Research and Exploration P/L
Orefinders Resources Inc.
Orezone Gold Corporation
Origin Operator Recruitment & Training
Orix Geoscience Inc.
Oro Verde Limited
Orosur Mining Inc
Orvana Minerals Corp.
Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd.
OTC Markets Group
Outotec Canada Ltd.
Overburden Drilling Management Limited


Pacific Geomatics Ltd.
Palamina Corp.
Panasonic Canada Inc.
PanAust Limited
Panoro Minerals Ltd.
Parts HeadQuarters Inc.
Pasinex Resources Ltd.
Pavey Ark Minerals Inc.
Pelangio Exploration Inc.
PepinNini Minerals Limited
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd.
Pershing Gold Corporation
Peter E. Walcott & Associates Ltd.
Petros Eikon Inc.
Phoenix Geophysics Limited
PhotoSat Information Ltd.
Pico Envirotec
Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.
Plateau Uranium Inc.
Playfair Mining Ltd.
PolyMet Mining Corp.
Pozitif Sondaj Ltd.
PPX Mining Corp.
Premier Gold Mines Limited
Primero Mining Corp.
Prize Mining
Probe Metals Inc.
Promer Consultancy Engineering Inc.
Prospero Silver Corp.
Puma Exploration Inc.
Purepoint Uranium Group Inc.
PW Nigeria Limited
Pylon Electronics Inc.


Quantec Geoscience
Québec, Gouvernement du


R.T. Boyd Limited
Radiation Solutions Inc.
Radisson Mining Resources Inc.
Rail-Veyor Technologies Global Inc.
Randgold Resources Limited
Raymac Environmental Services Inc.
RCM Modular
RDH Mining Equipment
Red Cloud Klondike Strike Inc.
Red Eagle Mining Corporation
Red Lake, Municipality of
Red Metal Resources Ltd.
Red Pine Exploration Inc.
Redstar Gold Corp.
Reflex Instruments N.A.
Regulus Resources Inc.
Renaissance Gold Inc.
Resource Capital Funds
Ressources Robex Inc.
Revelo Resources Corp.
Richardson GMP - The Horwood Team
Richmont Mines Inc.
Ringers Gloves
Rio Tinto
Riverside Resources Inc.
RJK Explorations Ltd.
RMS Instruments
RNC Minerals
Robertson Geologging USA, Inc.
Rockcliff Copper Corporation
Rogue Resources Inc.
ROKMASTER Resources Corp.
Romios Gold Resources Inc.
Romquest Technologies
Roscan Minerals
Roscoe Postle Associates Inc.
Rosita Mining Corporation
Roughrider Exploration Limited
Roxgold Inc.
Royal Canadian Mint
Royal Road Minerals
Rubicon Minerals Corporation
Rugby Mining Limited
Russian Stone, The
Rye Patch Gold Corp.


S&P Global Market Intelligence
S2 Resources Ltd.
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.
Salazar Resources Limited
San Juan - Argentina
Sanchez Mejorada, Velasco y Ribe, SC
Sander Geophysics
Sandstorm Gold Ltd.
Sandvik Mining
Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership
Saskatchewan, Government of
Sattva Capital Corp.
Savary Gold Corp.
Sayona Mining Limited
Scandium International Mining Corp.
Schramm, Inc.
SciAps INC.
Scott Hogg & Associates Ltd.
SCR Mining and Tunnelling L.P.
SEI Industries Ltd.
Semm Logging
Sepro Mineral Systems Corp.
Serabi Gold plc
Serengeti Resources Inc.
SGS Minerals Services
Shandong Iraeta Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Shared Value Solutions Ltd.
Sherritt International Corporation
Shore Gold Inc.
Sierra Metals Inc.
Signature Group of Companies
Silver Bear Resources Inc.
Silver Wheaton Corp.
SilverCrest Metals Inc.
Simcoe Geoscience Limited
Sipa Resources
Sirios Resources Inc.
Sirius Wilderness Medicine Inc.
Sixty North Gold Mining Ltd.
Skeena Resources Ltd.
Skyharbour Resources Ltd.
Skyline Assayers & Laboratories
SkyTEM Canada Inc.
SLR Consulting Canada Ltd.
SMS Equipment Inc.
SNF Canada
Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Inc.
Society of Economic Geologists
Solitario Zinc Corp.
Sonoro Metals Corp.
South32 Limited
Southern Mapping Company
Spectral Evolution
Spektra Jeotek As
Sphinx Resources Ltd.
Sprott Group of Companies
SRK Consulting Canada Inc.
St. Petersburg State Mining Institute
Star Alliance
Starcore International Mines Ltd.
Stellar Mining Peru Ltd., Sucursal del Peru
Steppe Gold Limited
Stockholm Precision Tools AB
Stornoway Diamond Corporation
Story Environmental Inc.
Strategic Exploration Group
Strongbow Exploration Inc.
Stuart Olson
Sudbury Platinum Corp.
Sudbury, City of Greater
Sulliden Mining Capital Inc.
Surtech Systems
SurveyTECH Instruments & Services
Sweden, Geological Survey of
Swick Drilling North America
Synergy Resource Capital


Talmora Diamond Inc.
Tantalex Resources
Team Drilling LP
Teck Resources Limited
Telson Resources Inc.
Terrace Business Resource Centre
Terraplus Inc.
Terraquest Ltd.
TerraX Minerals Inc.
TESC Contracting Company Ltd.
Tetra Tech
The International UV Show
The West Coast Fishing Club
Thermo Scientific
Thibault & Associates Inc.
Thomas O'Neill & Associates Inc.
Thompson Construction Group
ThreeDify Inc.
Thunder Bay, Mining in Northwestern Ontario
Timberline Resources Corporation
Timmins Rent All + Equipment Sales
Tinka Resources Ltd.
Tintina Resources Inc.
Titan Mining Corp.
TMAC Resources Inc.
TMX Group
Toachi Mining Inc.
Transition Metals Corp.
TransPerfect Translations
Treasury Metals Inc.
Tres-Or Resources Ltd.
Tri Origin Exploration Ltd.
Trilogy Metals Inc.
TriMetals Mining Inc.
TriStar Gold Inc.
True North Law Enforcement Training Group
TSL Laboratories Inc.
Tundra Airborne Surveys Ltd.


U.S. Geological Survey
Ucore Rare Metals Inc.
UEX Corporation
Unicorn Mineral Resources Limited
Unigold Inc.
Unit Electrical Engineering Ltd.
United Mining Rentals Ltd.
University of British Columbia, Mineral Deposit Re
University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines
University of Lorraine
Uranium Energy Corp.
Ur-Energy USA Inc.


Valaurum, Inc.
VanadiumCorp Resource Inc.
Vector Construction
Vektore Exploration Consulting Corporation
Vendetta Mining Corp.
Veolia Water Technologies
VersaDrill Canada
Victory Nickel Inc.
Vista Gold Corp.
Vulcan Minerals Inc


Wabun Tribal Council
Wallbridge Mining Company Limited
Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.
Watts, Griffis and McOuat Limited
Wealth Minerals Ltd.
Wellgreen Platinum Ltd.
Wemindji Exploration Inc.
West High Yield W.H.Y. Resources Ltd.
West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc.
Western Copper and Gold Corporation
White Gold Corp
Wink Vibracore Drill Company Ltd.
Wireline Services Group
Wolfden Resources Corporation
WSP Canada Inc.
Wyoming Business Council


Ximen Mining Corp.
Xpera Risk Mitigation and Investigation
Xploration Services Greenland ApS
X-Terra Resources


Yamana Gold Inc.
Yukon, Government of


Zenyatta Ventures Ltd.
Zimtu Capital Corp.
Zonge International Inc.