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New discoveries and developments

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Room 716
Chair: Charles Beaudry, Consultant & Bill Mercer, Avalon Advanced Materials Inc., Toronto, Canada
9:10 AM - 9:35 AM

Côté Lake deposit: What has changed?

9:35 AM - 10:00 AM

Windfall deposit and the New Lynx discovery: A new gold district in Quebec

10:00 AM - 10:25 AM

Cascabel: A new generation copper gold discovery for Ecuador

10:25 AM - 10:50 AM

Bayan Khundii project: Developing a gold district in southwest Mongolia

10:50 AM - 11:15 AM

The Asanko gold mine (Ghana): Geology and exploration

11:15 AM - 11:40 AM

Saddle gold-silver discovery, NW British Columbia:  Geology and exploration history

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