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An assessment of Precambrian gold deposit models from deep to shallow crustal levels

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Room 701A
Organizer: Laurentian University, Mineral Exploration Research Centre
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

An assessment of Precambrian gold deposit models from deep to shallow crustal levels

Precambrian greenstone belts are an important source of gold worldwide. With economic deposits becoming more difficult to discover, the challenge is how to focus scarce exploration dollars to the most prospective areas? This course will provide up-to-date information on deposit characteristics, a critical examination of current models, and examine key exploration criteria for a wide variety of gold deposits formed at shallow to deep crustal levels from the Superior Province to the Ashanti belt in Africa.

Research conducted by the MERC has provided a better understanding of the complex interplay of stratigraphy and structure in localizing gold mineralization by integrating regional to deposit scale mapping with geochemical, geochronologic, radiogenic and stable isotopic data in order to determine ‘ore system-scale’ controls and to identify vectors to economic mineralization. This course will utilize this expertise with topics that offer tools to help focus scarce exploration dollars on better quality targets including:

• Tectonic, lithological, structural and timing controls on world-class gold deposits within the Superior Province
• Structural assessment of gold deposits at higher metamorphic grades compared with deposits at lower metamorphic grades
• Evidence for superposition of ductile deformation on older intrusion-related gold deposits
• Gold deposit models assessed from a fluid chemistry perspective
• Key features of gold-rich VMS deposits
• Integration and interpretation of geological, geophysical, petrophysical and geochemical data sets to refine geological mapping, to determine controls on mineralization, and to develop gold exploration models to highlight current 2D/3D
GIS-based techniques in the Abitibi and Ashanti greenstone belts
• More effective targeting criteria and methodologies applicable to exploration for gold deposits worldwide

John Ayer, Laurentian University
Harold Gibson, Laurentian University
Daniel Kontak, Laurentian University
Bruno Lafrance, Laurentian University
Ross Sherlock, Laurentian University
Stephane Perrouty, Laurentian University


Includes course material, continental breakfast, three-course lunch and refreshments

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