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Brazilian Mining Day

Monday, March 5, 2018
Room 206B
Organizer: Agency for Technological Development of the Brazilian Mining Industry (ADIMB)
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Brazilian Mining Day

With its large territory, diversified geologic environment, advanced mining know-how and good infrastructure, Brazil is a major producer and supplier of mineral commodities. Aiming to facilitate new investments in the mining sector, the new Brazilian Government is improving the country’s mineral policies.

At PDAC 2018, Brazil establishes its presence through the coordination of the Agency for the Technological Development of the Brazilian Mining Industry (ADIMB); Secretariat of Geology, Mining and Mineral Processing (SGM/Ministry of Mines and Energy); National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM) and Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM).

As such, this seminar will demonstrate that Brazil is one of the most suitable countries for mineral exploration and mining development while ranked among the top countries for mineral production, territorial area and geologic environments for new deposit discoveries.

2:05 pm Opening Remarks – Edson Ribeiro – President of ADIMB


2:10 pm Recovery of the Brazilian Macroeconomy – Dyogo Henrique de Oliveira – Minister of Planning, Development and Management

2:40 pm Perspectives of the Brazilian Mineral Industry after the Implementation of the Revitalization Program – José Luiz Amarante – Secretariat of Geology, Mining and Mineral Processing of the Ministry of Mines and Energy


3:10 pm Potential of the Main Mining Districts of Brazil for Metals – Evandro Luiz Klein – Geological Survey of Brazil/CPRM

3:40 pm Potential for porphyry Cu-Mo and Cu-Au and Epithermal Au in Paleoproterozoic (2.0 to 1.87 Ga) Magmatic Arcs in the Amazonian Craton, Brazil: A New Frontier of Opportunities in Mineral Exploration – Caetano Juliani – University of São Paulo

4:20 pm The Alta Floresta Province (MT), Amazon Craton, Brazil: A new exploration challenge for Paleoproterozoic porphyry and epithermal-like gold-base metal systems? – Roberto Xavier - University of Campinas

4:50 pm Nexa Resources: A New Player in the Global Metals Market – Jones Belther – Nexa Resources

5:20 pm Questions

All are welcome. Registration is not required.

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