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Letter Writer Presentation for Investors

Letter Writer Presentations for Investors

Chair: Donovan Pollitt, Pollitt Mining 
Location: Room 801

The Disruptive Discoveries Journal

Chris & Mike Berry
Chris Berry's Biography
Chris is an independent analyst focused on energy metals, innovation, and associated supply chain dynamics. After spending 15 years working across various roles in sales and brokerage on Wall Street, Chris shifted his attention to the forces propelling lifestyle convergence including urbanization, innovation, and technology and the opportunities that they are creating across numerous industries.

He has spoken at conferences all over the world and has visited dozens of countries first hand to gauge the pace of change in these topics as he thinks they are forces which will continue to alter our way of life.

Chris has additional experience as the co-founder of a start up for investors which dealt with "computing with words" and co-authors The Disruptive Discoveries Journal. Chris holds a Master of Business Administration in finance with an international focus from Fordham University, and a Bachelor of Arts in international studies from The Virginia Military Institute.

He can be reached at

Mike Berry's Biography
Michael Berry was born in Colombia, raised in Canada and has now lived in the US for many years. After earning a Ph.D. from Arizona State University (specializing in investment finance), he was a professor at the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. He followed winning the Wheat First Endowed Chair at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Over time his career evolved into managing small and mid cap value portfolios for Kemper Scudder and Milwaukee based Heartland Advisors.

During the past 8 years he has been a guest lecturer at the Federal Reserve twice each year and in 2010 he testified to U.S. Congress on natural resource policy, specifically strategic mineral supply chain development.
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