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Exploring Aboriginal procurement and joint venture business models in the mineral sector

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Room 717
Chair: Michael Fox, Fox High Impact Consulting
The mineral industry and Aboriginal communities continue to explore ways to develop positive relationships that translate into mutually beneficial outcomes ¬ - successful projects and long-term socio-economic development opportunities for communities. Throughout the project cycle, from mineral exploration to mine development and operations, companies and communities have identified a number of strategies for generating partnerships, building relationships and maximizing benefits. In particular, mineral projects can provide the opportunity to be involved in the sector and contribute to the socio-economic development of Aboriginal communities. These opportunities have typically involved training, education, business development, contracting and employment, community development and financial considerations. This session will include presentations and case studies that focus on Aboriginal procurement and joint venture models.


Aboriginal procurement across the Canadian mining landscape

Anthea Darychuk, Engineers Without Borders; Max Skudra, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business; Sean Willy, Cameco Corporation

Economic Development Corporation: Case study

Tony Marinaro, Naicatchewenin Development Corporation


Examining Joint Venture Agreements with Aboriginal Communities

Michelle Tanguay, Argonaut Gold; Tom Paddon, Baffinland

The making of a successful environmental consulting joint venture (RTEC) with the Tahltan Development Corp.

Clem Pelletier, ERM Consultants Canada; Gerry Merkle, Tahltan Nation Development Corp.

Experiences with Joint Ventures in the Mineral Sector

Shawn Batise, Wabun Tribal Council 

The partnership imperative: IMG-Golder’s model for meaningful joint ventures in northern Canada

Sarah Varino, Social Impact Assessment Lead, Golder Associates Ltd.

Sourcing strong JV’s and community capacity building: Examples from the Haisla Nation

Matthew McKelvie, ESS Compass Group; David Cabral, ESS Compass Group

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