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Exhibits / Trade Show & Trade Show North

Trade Show & Trade Show North

The Trade Show & Trade Show North is a great opportunity for organizations and governments promoting the latest technology, products, services and mining jurisdictions to come face-to-face with company decision makers and promote awareness to a worldwide market.

Potential New Exhibitor Applications

Sign up here to receive a reminder email when applications for PDAC 2019 open on September 18, 2018 at 10:00 am EDT.

PDAC 2018 Renewing Exhibitor Applications

The Renewing Exhibitor applications will be available on June 26, 2018 at 10:00 am EDT. We will send a reminder email to your 2018 booth representative.
For more information, contact:

Chloe Arbutina
[email protected] 
416 362 1969 ext. 292
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PDAC 2018 Trade Show & Trade Show North Exhibitors

To view the Trade Show Exhibitor list, click here.
To view the Trade Show North Exhibitor list, click here.

2018 TS & TS North floor plan

To view the floor plan click here.

AGT Systems

corpmember, 432

AIL Mining

corpmember, 710



Bourevestnik, Inc.


Breaker Technology

corpmember, 6416N





Core Case

corpmember, 1147



De Beers Group Services

corpmember, 6304N

Deakin Industries

corpmember, 1212

Derrick Corporation

corpmember, 1019


corpmember, 426


corpmember, 1403


corpmember, 1000



F.F.P. Systems Inc.

corpmember, 6215N


corpmember, 443

Foremost Industries LP

corpmember, 433

Gekko Systems

corpmember, 404

Hi Tech PMR

corpmember, 6725N

Industrial Fabrication Inc.

corpmember, 6322N

Inertial Sensing

corpmember, 6510N

Inter Oriental Builders, IOB Sarl


IRL Supplies Ltd.

corpmember, 608

Jexplore Equipment Inc.

corpmember, 1146

Kishore Vadilal Private Limited

corpmember, 6318N


corpmember, 1110

MacLean Engineering

corpmember, 216

Manufacture Adria inc.

corpmember, 441

McDowell B. Equipment

corpmember, 503

Medusa Systems BV

corpmember, 446

Megadome Buildings

corpmember, 613


corpmember, 6413N

Minalyze AB


Mincon Group PLC

corpmember, 6407N

Mineral Technologies

corpmember, 6724N

Minex Products, SRL

corpmember, 6105N

MMD Mineral Sizing Canada Inc.

corpmember, 6229N

Northern Ontario Mining Showcase

corpmember, 6501N


corpmember, 1113

Outotec Canada Ltd.

corpmember, 803

PowerTraxx Vehicles Inc.


Prospectors Supplies Pty Ltd.


Raymac Environmental Services Inc.

corpmember, 845


corpmember, 6125N

RDH Mining Equipment

corpmember, 128



Romquest Technologies

corpmember, 1012

Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership

corpmember, 6303N

SEI Industries Ltd.

corpmember, 807

Sepro Mineral Systems Corp.

corpmember, 1222

Spectral Evolution

corpmember, 1411

Star Trace Private Ltd.

corpmember, 6731N

Swick Drilling North America

corpmember, 1048

Tangshan Jinshi Superhard Material Co., Ltd.

corpmember, 6315N


corpmember, 1436

Tema Isenmann


Terraplus Inc.

corpmember, 804

Thermo Scientific

corpmember, 504

Tioga Air Heaters

corpmember, 6825N


corpmember, 6224N

Tretan Inc.



corpmember, 6103N

United Mining Rentals Ltd.

corpmember, 938

VIR Electric Inc.

corpmember, 6831N


corpmember, 700

Exhibitors from 2018

The Renewing Exhibitor Application form will be available starting June 26, 2018 at 10:00 am EDT.

Renewing Exhibitors have first right of refusal over their 2018 booth space provided that they have applied and paid by the 2019 priority renewal deadline, August 14, 2018 at 5:00 pm EDT. Any un-renewed or unpaid booth spaces will be made available to other Exhibitors.

Relocation/expansion requests are processed in sequence based on the date and time the application was received. Booth assignments will be confirmed via email starting November 1, 2018.

Potential New Exhibitors

Potential New Exhibitors are required to complete a New Exhibitor Application form.

The New Exhibitor Application form will be available starting September 18, 2018 at 10:00 am EDT. Sign up here to receive a reminder email.

The PDAC does not keep a rolling waitlist from year to year. Exhibitors from PDAC 2018 have first right of refusal over their 2018 booth space. Once Priority Renewal Exhibitor booth spaces have been assigned (in the fall), all un-renewed booth spaces will be offered to New Exhibitors on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are offered, accept and pay for a PDAC 2019 booth space, your booth assignment will be confirmed via email starting November 1, 2018.

Exhibit Hours for PDAC 2018

PDAC 2019 exhibit hours have not been determined. Visit the website in the summer for 2019 hours.

Sunday, March 4
Monday, March 5
Tuesday, March 6
Wednesday, March 7
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

2018 Exhibit Fees - Trade Show & Trade Show North 

PDAC 2019 exhibit fees have not been determined. Visit the website in the summer for 2019 fees.

Member - 4 day $2,610.62 + $339.38 (HST) = $2,950
Non member - 4 day $3,407.08 + $442.92 (HST) = $3,850

Prices are per 10' wide exhibit space.

What is included with each 10’ wide exhibit space?

  • A standard flameproof 8' high back drape, 3' high side white drape (hard walls are not included)
  • One 120 volt electrical outlet
  • Aisle carpet only
  • On-site support services
  • One Exhibitor Manual (if requested on application form)
  • 24-hour peripheral security
  • Company contact information published in the Convention Program
  • Company listing on the convention website (online exhibitor list and floor plan)
  • Four complimentary Exhibitor Staff Passes (permits access to the Trade Show & Trade Show North and Investors Exchange show floors only)
  • One complimentary All Access Pass, one Convention Bag, and one Convention Program. The All Access Pass (this is a generic pass which can be shared among staff) entitles one person to access the Aboriginal Program, CSR Event Series and Technical Program.

Corporate Members

  • Exhibitors applying for the corporate member booth rate must also submit a 2019 corporate membership application form with payment. The corporate membership application form is available with the online and PDF application forms.
  • PDAC reserves the right to process booth payments at the non-member rate if the membership application form and payment does not accompany the booth application form. Corporate membership payments will be processed upon receipt and are non-refundable.

For more information, contact:
Florence MacLeod
[email protected]
416 362 1969 ext. 221

Who Exhibits?

The Trade Show appeals to companies, organizations and governments promoting the latest technology, products, services and mining jurisdictions to the global mining industry.

Exhibitors include:

  • Air transportation services
  • Associations
  • Consulting services
  • Drilling equipment/services and compressors
  • Exploration/mining companies
  • Exploration/mining equipment & supplies
  • Geological surveys
  • Geophysical services & equipment
  • Governments
  • Health services
  • Insurance companies
  • Internet services
  • Laboratories/laboratory suppliers & analytical services
  • Law firms
  • Publications
  • Remote sensing/mapping
  • Research organizations
  • Satellite communications
  • Software companies
  • Universities/colleges

Why Exhibit?

As a service/supply company you can:

  • Promote awareness of your company
  • Target potential buyers and seek out new business opportunities
  • Reinforce relationships with existing clients
  • Introduce your newest products to a worldwide audience

As a government you can:

  • Inform exploration and mining companies about your natural resources
  • Develop investor interest
  • Display geological survey data
  • Reveal investment potential and conditions

Who Attends?

  • Company decision makers
  • Consultants
  • Exploration and development professionals from around the globe
  • Exploration managers
  • Geoscientists
  • International government representatives
  • Mining media
  • Mining service sector representatives
  • Prospectors
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Students

Solicitation for Exhibitors

PDAC appreciates your participation as an exhibitor. The distribution of materials outside of a paid exhibit space is not permitted. Material may not be handed out in the aisles or in other parts of the building. If you witness this type of activity, please contact Show Management immediately so that we can properly handle the situation. Show Management can be contacted through Room 825A.

It has been brought to the PDAC’s attention that company’s named Exhibitor Housing Management, Expo-Guide & FAIRGuide are contacting our exhibitors offering free exhibitor directory listings. Exhibitor Housing Management, Expo-Guide & FAIRGuide are not affiliated with the PDAC. This is a scam. Please do not respond to any of their inquiries.