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International Convention,
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March 3 - 6
Metro Toronto Convention Centre,
Toronto, Canada

Exhibits / Exhibitor Spotlight & Features


Exhibitor Spotlight & Features

Not sure where to begin on the exhibit floor? The following must-see
interactive and experiential booths are sure to be the highlight of your visit.

If you are interested in applying for the Exhibitor Spotlight at PDAC 2019 email [email protected] or [email protected] for more information. 

For more information, contact:

Chloe Arbutina
[email protected]
416 362 1969 ext. 292

Kimberly Charters
[email protected] 
416 362 1969 ext. 240

2018 Exhibitor Spotlight Winners

Anaconda Mining Inc.: Experience the Goldboro project in virtual reality

Investors Exchange, Booth 2906

A virtual reality experience that will allow participants to experience open pit, underground mine developments and processing plant in 3D. Wear virtual reality goggles and walk (or jump) from point to point, transport to the workings, pit, different benches, processing plant or surrounding surface infrastructure.

Northern Ontario Mining Showcase: Technology training and speaker series

Trade Show North, Booth 6501N

The Pavilion will feature live demonstrations, training technology and even a robot! Augment reality, virtual reality, interactive multiplayer role-based training, incident re-creation, and digital safety systems management will all be on display. The booth will also feature a speaker series focusing on topics related to new innovations and technologies. Examples include a new online social platform developed specifically for the industry and a presentation on heat generation in battery electric underground haultrucks.

GEM Advanced Magnetometers: At your service, in the air!

Trade Show, Booth 802

GEM Systems has redesigned their Potassium Magnetometer to be integrated into or towed by UAV Platforms. UAV instruments as well as multi-rotor, RC-helicopter and fixed wing drone platforms provide a unique opportunity to educate attendees on UAV technology, GEM Systems instruments and magnetometry.

Golden Predator Mining Corp.: Advancing a district at 3 Aces: Drilling, bulk sampling and pouring gold

Investors Exchange, Booth 2650

Learn about the process of self-managed gold recovery and how to process gold from a bulk sample. View rock samples from the 3 Aces project (featuring visible gold), fine recovered gold (unrefined) and a 100 oz. refined gold bar.

Maclean Engineering: Virtual reality MacLean Bolter

Trade Show, Booth 216

Experience a true-to-life simulation of the MacLean Bolter used to create an interactive environment to train employees.

Royal Canadian Mint: Bullion redefined

Investors Exchange, Booth 3032

A display including a variety of new gold and silver investment bullion coins and bars. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Silver Maple Leaf 1 ounce coin. A selection of collector coins will be available for purchase and enter a draw for a set of silver coins.

Origin operators & recruitment: Operation innovation

Trade Show North, Booth 6425N

Dynamic and engaging heavy equipment simulators will give attendees the opportunity to experience what it is like to operate machinery in the field.

Spectral Evolution: Field spectrometers for mineral identification

Trade Show, Booth 1411

Bring your core samples for live demos of the SR-6500 high resolution, high sensitivity field-portable spectroradiometer.

Reflex Instruments N.A. and AMC North America Limited: Real-time subsurface solution world

Trade Show, Booth 323

Live tool demos and end-to-end drilling solutions including the Reflex IQ-Logger, the Hydraulic Reflex Press, freshly pressed puck samples and a range of magnetic core removal tools. Workshops are running daily, featuring the ioGAS™ software and a structural geology session.

Gold Bar
origin virtual reality simulator

Trade Show North Features

Kirwin Collection

Booth 6329N

The Kirwin Collection was built from hundreds of deposits and localities around the world, and is truly a geological library. Now housed at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, it will create a resource that will be of value in teaching both the fundamentals and the finer points of the geological processes that form the mineral deposits on which we depend. This year, the ROM will be bringing a selection of specimens that provide a tour around the Western Pacific Rim; from Australia, up through Indonesia to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and into China.

Social Scene

Booth 6833N

Share your PDAC experience online with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy the Social Scene where you can take team pictures and selfies in front of the PDAC backdrop. Post your pictures on social media with the hashtag #PDAC2018.
Two people looking at core samples
some ladies posing for a photo at PDAC's Social Scene booth