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Exhibits / Exhibitor Manual - Trade Show & Investors Exchange

Section 1


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Section 2

Terms &

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Section 3

Exhibitor quick reference

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Section 4

Exhibitor construction regulations

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Section 5

Move-in &

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Section 6

Show services

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Section 7

Shipping &

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction

Advertising & promotion
Frequently asked questions
Planning tips
Section summaries

Section 1: Forms/Appendix
    GST/HST Rebate Form

Section 2: Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Section 2: Forms/Appendix
    No Solicitation Sign

Section 3: Exhibitor quick reference

Checklist & deadlines
Contact information
    Convention & Show management
    Exhibit management
    Exhibitor registration
    PDAC Convention staff
Convention program overview
Exhibitor schedule/registration
    Exhibitor Staff Pass pick-up
    NEW FOR 2017: Show hours
Hotel accommodation
Show information
    Show location
    Show name
Show service providers - Contact information

Section 3: Forms/Appendix
    MTCC map
    MTCC Emergency Information

Section 4: Exhibit construction regulations

Exhibit display & design options
    Islands and pavilions
    GEM show special
    “Pop-up” display
Exhibit Hall décor
Exhibit package
Insurance & liability
Rules & regulations
    Booth structure
    Floor plan approval
    Large & heavy equipment
    Visibility & sight lines- “reasonable sight lines”
    Electrical safety regulations
    Fire safety
    In case of Fire Alarm
    Medical Emergency
Signage regulations
    Cross-aisle signs or arches
    Island booths
    Portable signs & display racks
    Signage approval, Exhibit Management
    Standard or in-line booth
Tower regulations
    Island booths
    Standard or in-line booth
Wall height restrictions
    Standard or in-line booth
    Island booth (NEW Construction regulations)
    In-line pavilion

Section 4: Forms/Appendix
    Booth Layout Form
    MTCC Recycling Program
    Standard Booth Diagram
    Provincial Requirements for Exhibiting Electrical Equipment at Trade Shows
    Fire Regulations for Exhibitors
    Fire Safety Reply
    Exhibitor Insurance Application
    Notice to Exhibitors/Display Companies

Section 5: Move-in & move-out

Health & safety
    Occupational Health & Safety Act
    Provincial legislation
Loading docks
Marshalling yard: Loading Dock access
Material handling
    Option 1: Hand carry method
    Option 2: Do-it yourself method
    Option 3: Exhibitor Appointed Carrier method
    Option 4: Official carrier method
    Option 5: GES material handling services
    Option 6: Show Management option
Move-in/Move-out Passes
Move-in dates & times
    Exhibitor Staff Passes: Access information
    Move-in schedule
Move-out information
    Clear aisles
    Crate labeling
    Health & safety
    Heavy equipment move-out
    Loss of property or damage
    Removal of exhibitor material
Onsite show services
    Onsite Exhibit Management office
    Onsite Exhibitor service offices
Security tips
    During the show

Section 5: Forms/Appendix
    Move-in Schedule
    For Your Safety
    Vehicle Marshalling Move-in/Map
    Rigging Policy/Overhead Work

Section 6: Show services

Additional Exhibitor services, A-Z
     Audio visual rentals
     Computer rentals
     Electrical & lighting
     Exhibitor Manual: Additional copies
     Exhibitor Staff Passes
     Hanging signs & banners
     Lead retrieval
     Printing, on-demand
Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors (EAC)
     Steps for securing an EAC
Important exhibit information
     Floor plan approval- Island booths
     or pavilions
     Forklift & assistance
Official Show Service Contractor (GES)
MTCC on-site services, A-Z
     Booth cleaning
     Business Centre
     Wireless networking

Section 6: Forms/Appendix
     Official Show Service Contractor (GES) forms:
     Carpet and Under-Padding
     GEM Show Special
     GEM Standard Exhibit
     GEM Exhibit Accessories
     In Booth Forklift
     Labour Service
     Material Handling

    Other services forms:
    Audio visual rentals
    Booth Cleaning - Janitorial Services
    Business Centre Price List
    Computer Rental
    Electrical Services and Lighting
    Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors
    Wired Internet Access
    Lead Retrieval
    Lighting Order Form
    MTCC Exhibitor Catering Daily Order Form
    Printing, on-demand
    Parking Pass
    Sample Food and/or Beverage Distribution, Catering
    Sign/Hanging Banner
    Telecommunication Services

Section 7: Shipping & customs

Air freight
     Customs Broker
Glossary of shipping and customs terms
     Bonded materials
     Ground transport
     Hand baggage
     Private vehicles
     Return shipping
     Surface couriers
Ground shipment
     Advance warehouse
     Direct to show site
Official carriers, shipping
Shipping options
     Using the Official Show Carrier
     Using a transport, van line or company vehicle
     Direct delivery to show by local courier

Section 7: Forms/Appendix
     Canada Border Service Agency Letter
     Customs Clearance and Air Freight Transportation Services
     Customs and Transportation Services Order Form Example and Order Form
     Canada Customs Invoice Example and Invoice
     GES Advanced Warehouse Order Form
     GES Shipping Labels
     GES (Ground Transportation) – North and South Building Shipping Order Form