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Exhibit & Presentation Opportunities

PDAC is pleased to announce that the Exhibitor Advisory Group (EAG) members have been selected.

The primary role of the EAG is to offer ideas and provide advice and feedback to the Exhibits Team on the development and implementation of the annual Exhibits Plan. In addition, the Group will provide a forum for discussion on exhibit-related topics.

The EAG will:

  • Provide input on the existing Exhibitor program(s) and/or the need to consider new programs
  • Act as a focus group for ideas generated by the Exhibits Team
  • Focus on generating ideas to enhance the attendee experience at Convention
  • Assist in developing ideas to drive traffic and attract new attendees to the show
  • Assist in evaluating the previous Convention from an Exhibitor perspective
  • Act as a peer-to-peer communication link between the PDAC and Exhibitors
  • Support the PDAC in managing Exhibitor expectations
  • Generate ideas on how to increase Exhibitor ROI
  • Provide input on how to increase Exhibitor engagement

For more information, contact Sandra Francescon at or 416 362 1969, ext. 240.

We want to hear from you!

Do you have any feedback or ideas that would help improve exhibits at the annual Convention? Submit your suggestions for consideration by the EAG.

Are you an Exhibitor?

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Group composition

The EAG will be made up of no more than 13 registered Exhibitors with the following desired composition:

  • At least one Trade Show North Exhibitor
  • At least one Trade Show, South Building Exhibitor
  • At least one Trade Show Exhibitor representing an international governmental organization
  • At least one Trade Show Exhibitor representing Canadian provinces
  • At least one Trade Show Exhibitor representing the Canadian federal government
  • At least five Investors Exchange Exhibitors
  • At least one Mining Marketplace Exhibitor (to be reviewed annually)

Within the above makeup, representation should include:

  • Island/pavilion Exhibitors
  • Exhibitors with heavy equipment
  • Exhibitors with a single booth
  • Producing companies
  • Junior Mining Companies
  • Priority Renewal Exhibitors
  • New Exhibitors from the previous year’s convention
  • PDAC Corporate Members

EAG composition will be reviewed annually.